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CMS-XML SRA 3.3 : extra space character added when saving in a parameter the output value of the Run Command Line action
SRA 3.3 : extra space character added when saving in a parameter the output value of the Run Command Line action
CMS-XML RA3.3: Action "Check if Process is Running" requires full command line on non-Windows system
Using the action "Check if Process is Running" should require only the name from the status file located in the directory proc/<pid>/status. The start of this file is similar to the following:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How to add an action description to a change document from the command line (DMCLI)
currently held; or an action description if it has been saved (entered into system).
CMS-XML Difference report on UNIX files result is on one line because of CR as EOL
When go to Actions | Show Differences, and compare two UNIX text files with CR as EOL. The result is that everything is shown on ONE line because the CR is not translated into CR/LF.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Unable to add Action Comments
This subtemplate starts with the variable % action % and ends with the variable % action _end%, both appearing on separate lines . Between these, the variable %action_text% must appear on a separate line, to define where the text of the action description will appear.
CMS-XML STRALL: StarTool issues PDS731E and reverts to line mode when using the PDS alias
Command ===> Scroll ===> PAGE Command - Enter "/" to select action Message Volume -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CMS-XML RA 3.2.1: Nolio: "Get server managed state" action returns value with return carriage character
Indeed, there is new line carriage character in one of the parameters. You can use the action - Strings manipulation - "Remove Prefix and Suffix Whitespace Characters" to clear the white space.
CMS-XML WEB CLIENT - Error in eRequest-eChangeMan integration - can't execute Action for Selected Component(s)
Make sure that you properly select your file by placing the cursor on top of the file that you want to work with and then clicking the file or by double clicking it. You should see a black background on the file you selected with small yellow lines on the upper and lower borders of the selection. This indicates that the file was properly selected.
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: After importing the image to the Administration Console and subsequently pressing the Show Lifecycle button from within the Action dialog, Microsoft Photo Editor consistently responds with "Can't determine type".
If this is not possible, switch Dimensions to use OCI instead of ODBC: Open dm.cfg, find the line that reads: DBIO_LIBRARY DBIO_ODBC_SRV.DLL
CMS-XML Dim12: How to make deploy automatic on action as described in deployment guide
If both Dimensions CM server and Dimensions CM client are installed on a Win 64 system it is possible that the 32-bit Dimensions directories occur first in the path. This would be indicated by something similar to the following: (NOTE: These directories should be all on one continuous line . They are broken up to one directory per line below for clarity and readibility):
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