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CMS-XML ERO customers upgrading from ZMF V6.1.x to V8.1.* must run conversion job HSTALTR4
Early versions of the ZMF 8.1 Migration Guide incorrectly stated that ERO customers upgrading from ZMF V6.1.x need not run upgrade job HSTALTR4 to add additional fields to the ERO history table. This is incorrect and ERO customers upgrading from V6.1.x to V8.1.* must run HSTALTR4. Failure to do so will result in a RC=8 and the following type of error when attempting to bind the new version of CMNDB2RQ:
All of this work may be performed without the use of Change Man . Remember to double check your work and run the compare before utilizing your new Stacked Reverse Delta datasets in Change Man . When cutting over to Change Man your Librarian datasets should be locked out for update.
CMS-XML SA03 abend or RC=08: changes necessary for ZMF 5.5 SERXMLRC
If you were running the sample SERXMLRC in ZMF 5.3 and want to convert these reports to version 5.5 there are changes that will require additions to the REXX code. SERXMLRC in 5.5 needs a 'userid' parameter and disconnect code.
CMS-XML Customer is experiencing file tailoring issue after conversion from 8.2.02 to 8.2.04.
Customer upgraded several ZMF tasks from 8.2.P2 to 8.2.P4. After the upgrades several applications are getting the following, when the ADSP tasks run to create the .X install JCL dataset:
CMS-XML CMN ZMF 7.1.3: Recovery of short component master general description records
The problem documented under DEF243550 existed in the ZMF 7.1.3 Component Master Conversion Job (CMVCONV7) for customers converting from earlier version 7 releases. This problem resulted in incorrectly formatted component general description records being written to the new short component master file (CMNCMPNT).
CMS-XML Importance of changing HPSPLIB/SVPARM contents when testing ZMF-related jobs
HPS0038E HPSINIT 09:53:05 Master files require conversion . At least 840 is required. Current version: 830
CMS-XML 'Migration Guide, Version 5.3 to 5.6' missing information on Report Conversion
Until the ZMF documentation can be updated you should refer to the ZMF 5.5 documentation, specifically the 'Migration Guide, Version 5.3 to 5.5', pages 42-43 and 54-55 for information on converting the Reports.
CMS-XML Urgent Notices for ChangeMan ZMF
Urgent notices for ChangeMan ZMF Essential maintenance required for all customers upgrading to ZMF 8.1.2. 1) Component master corruption following conversion to 8.1.2 from releases below 7.1.3. 2) Install job (CMN20) is not submitted upon completion of CMN21.
CMS-XML NCL library type is no longer sacred in ZMF 6.1.0 and later releases
If making this change after conversion to 6.1.0 customers are also required to rerun the impact analysis table build procedure (CMNIA000) and reload the contents to the impact analysis dataspace (LDSLOAD) to ensure that this information is processed in the correct manner.
CMS-XML The CMNPMAST and CMNCMPNT copybooks are no longer delivered with ZMF, beginning in version 6.1.
It is not designed to supply the information required to satisfy small or very specific requests. We expect this to be achieved through use of direct XML Service calls. We encourage you to investigate CMNPMLOD or direct XML Service calls and convert your custom programs to use this standard interface.
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