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CMS-XML Cannot connect to Mashup Manager / Application Repository
Check that gsoap is working i.e. http://servername-v:80/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?aewebservices70 " should give the following response: "You must use a POST request to get answer from gsoap ! see WebWare gsoap ISAPI module documentation."
CMS-XML Login attempt to SBM 10.1 Application Repository fails with no error message
You must use a POST request to get answer from gsoap ! see WebWare gsoap ISAPI module documentation. If the URL cannot be reached because it is incorrect or needs a fully-qualified domain name, the server name can be changed in the Host field on the Component Servers tab in SBM Configurator in most cases.
CMS-XML "Premature end of file" error in sso-idp.log or mashupmgr.log
"You must use a POST request to get answer from gsoap !" In this instance the error shown was the following: "HTTP Error 403" You Don't have authorization to view this page.
CMS-XML How to troubleshoot Subversion (SVN) to SBM connector issues.
You must use a POST request to get answer from gsoap ! see WebWare gsoap ISAPI module documentation.
CMS-XML How to get more logging when the SBM GSOAP web service is called
You can use the attached registry keys to enable some very basic logging about the soap request and response that gets sent and received from notifications or other web services. This can be particularly helpful when a soap request or response is too large and gets chopped of in the Common log. This logging will show the entire request and response envelope.
CMS-XML Dim12.2.1: Trigger: How to get the previous state of an object on a POST event
** This event demonstrates how to return an error message from an event. ** The event is fired when the user tries to action a change document . ** The action operation will fail and an error be returned to the user.
CMS-XML RLC: After upgrade, release packages that were left in one of several states require additional post-upgrade transitions
deployed - if an release package (RP) has a child RP, deployment execution information is incorrect after unlinking because QA Result and QA Complete are missing deployment error - error on Retry; it has the incorrect environment picker, and therefore you can't select and deselect tasks If you cannot complete them before upgrading, you must use the provided transition to get the release package to the correct place in the workflow to move forward.
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.3.x : how to retrieve the jobid of the z/os job submitted to execute a deploy pre/post-script ?
To retrieve the jobid of the z/os job, it requires to get first the jobid of the Dimensions remote job created and associated to the z/os job. The dimensions remote job ID follows this format : R-nnnnnnnn (For example to list all the remote job existing, tape dmcli command RLIST or look at "remote job" section in admin console)
CMS-XML RESTCaller POST: sending a file with multipart/form-data content type
Use the sendAsText option and a TextDoc bodyXML element. In the TextDoc, form the body of the request , separated by a common "boundary", with each multipart section completed with its own explicit Content Disposition and Content Type. In addition, specify the Content Type on the RestCaller as multipart/form-data; boundary=<my_boundary>.
CMS-XML Failed to obtain security token: Web Services "http://serverName/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?sbminternalservices72" returned an error: "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException"
Here is the output in the notification log after submitting an new item to the system using outlook for the creation of the request .
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