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CMS-XML Restrict by Role on certain transitions not acting as expected or certain transitions seem to be available or unavailable to certain users unexpectedly.
Check and make sure there aren't any restrictions that have been placed on the Group or the Item Type in this screen. If there are any adjust these restrictions accordingly and see if you get the desired result.
CMS-XML TRK: PVCS Tracker 7.1 Dependent Fields and Transition Fields
Use dependent fields to improve data integrity and ease data entry. When you configure dependent fields, you restrict available choices in one field based on the selected value of another field. In a dependent field relationship between two fields, a child field is dependent upon a parent field.
CMS-XML How to Control Transition Access with Group Privileges
Move the groups that need the access to the transition to the Selected Groups. Additionally if the workflows has different Items types you can select the desired types for the restriction. For details please review the Application Administrator Guide, Restricting Transitions , for SBM page 82: Please see the attached movie for a demonstration.
CMS-XML How can I Mass Transition more than 250 items at once?
Currently users who can Mass Transition items in TeamTrack are limited to 250 items at a time. How can the limit be increased?
CMS-XML SBM: Submit and other transitions randomly fail with error: The transition "Submit" was not completed. Error attempting to add item to database.
Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'TABLE-NAME'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.TABLE'. The duplicate key value is (99999).
CMS-XML Searching for all issues that have been through a certain transition
Also, you may wish to limit this report for all issues that have been through a certain transition within a certain time range. Thus, variables 'timeconstraint1' and 'timeconstraint2' are added, which you will need to calculate. Date fields are stored as the number of seconds since January 1, 1970, 12:00:00 AM, Greenwich Mean Time.
CMS-XML Clarification on auto-sizing and manual-sizing of journal and memo text fields on transition forms in runtime
Works only when field's height setting is set to "auto" on a custom form (quick forms will not work since the height is set to 60 pixels by default) No plans to include feature for plain-text fields, likely due to technical limitations of plain-text fields Note:
PDF Restrict by Promotion Group_docx
Restrict by Promotion Group
CMS-XML How To Restrict By Promotion Group
How To Restrict By Promotion Group
CMS-XML STR: List of Restricted Resources
STR: List of Restricted Resources
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