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TEXT build_upgrade_molist_process.txt
$ build_upgrade_molist -server stl-sup-sun2:671 -user dmsys -password dmsys -database cm_typical -conn dim1222 -process -molist process_molist.txt
TEXT build_upgrade_molist_backup.txt
$ build_upgrade_molist -server stl-sup-sun2:671 -user dmsys -password dmsys -database cm_typical -conn dim1222 -backup -molist backup_molist.txt parsing options: option(0) = "-server" option(2) = "-user" option(4) = "-password" option(6) =
CMS-XML Dim: How to set up a quick DMEMAIL test
The following steps describe how you can make some minor adjustments to an Windows or Unix Dimensions CM installation, with the CM_TYPICAL basedb installed. It will automatically set the nominated email address up to receive notifications through the subscription system that first appeared in Dimensions 10.
CMS-XML DimCM: How to refer in sql query a newly created item attribute
With demo database cm_typical , user has created a new item attribute, named SF_DEMO_ATTR_DEMO, see screenshot below What is required to do to be able to use this attribute in sql query ?
CMS-XML DimCM14.4: Error when adding or modifying an item library
When attempting to add a new Item Library through AdminConsole, an error of: User authentication failed DMN4510048E Error: User authentication failed ACL0004529E Error: dmsys denied access to host DIMSERVER Error: Dimension Product library for product CM_TYPICAL , object type *, creation failed Within the dmpool log, the following error is shown: NSV0004757E Invalid user name or password
PDF Dimensions CM Deployment Getting Started Guide
This document will cover a quick start scenario for Deployment within Dimensions CM. This guide assumes that the exercise will take place in the CM_TYPICAL sample base database. It may work for other Base Databases, however the initial state of the Item lifecycle that is being used will need to map to the initial state in the GSL.
CMS-XML Dim12: How to install example or sample schema into an existing installation
The installation kit for previous releases of Dimensions CM allowed an option to install schema only as a method of adding one of the example/sample databases (e.g., INTERMEDIATE, CM_TYPICAL , CM_TYPICAL _STREAM, ENTRY_LEVEL or EMPTY) into an existing database instance. The method of accomplishing this is different in Dimensions 12.
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.x: Session activation failed for user dmsys, connecting to cm_typical@DIM10 with PULSE-WEB from nodename (6)
Dim CM 14.x: Session activation failed for user dmsys, connecting to cm_typical @DIM10 with PULSE-WEB from nodename (6)
CMS-XML Dim 2009R2: Problems with DMAPPSRV not starting
When starting the listener on a Linux install the DMPOOL and DMLSNR process are started but not DMAPPSRV processes. DMAPPSRV 2010/02/02 02:50:43 I P19803 T3269185680 Connecting to cm_typical @d09r2 DMAPPSRV 2010/02/02 02:50:43 E P19803 T3269185680 Pcms error: 0, Error: Unable t
CMS-XML CM: Create New Product returns: COR0500049E DbFailException.Database failed to load
CM 14.3 Problems creating a new product Ran the following steps on an installation with CM_TYPICAL install 1. dmdba system/manager@dim14
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