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CMS-XML Dim12: Failed to connect to the Dimensions server. ACL4502922E Error: Cannot open connection to host HOSTNAME Logon failed for user dmsys and domain . (1326: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.)
DMPOOL 2014/05/06 15:28:58 E P1916 T2764 dmsys: Invalid user or password
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: How to read LDAP error codes
// // Logon failure : unknown user name or bad password . //
HTML Merant® Dimensions™ Service Pack Release Notes, Edition 1.0
#1041377 - Underscores in passwords prevent Listener service from starting When trying to start the Merant Dimensions Listener Service, it would fail with the following error description in the Event Viewer: dmlsnr E P1064 T1580 StartUserProcess failed with 1326, Logon failure : unknown user name or bad password . This was found to be caused by the user password containing an underscore '_' character.
CMS-XML Looping database logon when viewing reports in Project Office Web.
Looping database logon when viewing reports ... Looping logon behavior is caused ... ... for apersistent database log on . ... regardless of the username / password provided in the database log on prompt. ... , you should log on as the account ... 1. Log on to the Crystal ... 1. Log on to the Crystal ... ... choosing thedomain and user name , or type ... gDomain\ Username h. ... the domain and user name , or type ... gDomain\ Username h.
CMS-XML Dim10-12: Invalid user id/password then trying to logon to Dimensions on UNIX using md5 password encryption
When user tries to logon to Dimensions 10 on a Unix server through Web Client, it returns error message indicating that user id / password is invalid; Dimensions is failing to authenticate the user. If -initial in listener.dat is greater than 0, then dmappsrv process(es) do not start up. dmpool trace shows ...bind failed... error
CMS-XML Looping login in web client
> Navigate to Logon Page. > Type in User Name and Password . > Click OK.
CMS-XML DimCM: Dimensions CM Web Client hangs on login dialog, with grayed-out Wait button
If Dimensions CM is configured to use SSL over SDP and using Java applet, the Web client can hangs on the login dialog, with a grayed-out Wait button. User is unable to type in user id or password .
CMS-XML Login failed for user "sa" Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server Conn
The SQL server must be set up to use SQL authentication.The application uses the username / password used to authenticate the application with the database and assumes SQLauthentication.
CMS-XML What to enter when the Orchestration Engine upgrade prompts for an SBM user name and password
The OE upgrade fails due to bad password . This will happen with some authentication schemes such as SmartCard and some external authentication schemes. If you are using one of these, try, temporarily, setting authentication to SBM Sessions + Internal SBM database, follow the steps below.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Remote auth failed When attempting a login through the ISPF client
C User Password : specifies the password for the user ID that you entered in the User Name field.
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