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CMS-XML Dim CM: DBC-IM002:0-[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified
Dim CM: DBC-IM002:0-[Microsoft][ ODBC Driver Manager ] Data source name not found and no default driver specified
CMS-XML PRO8 TRKINET Database information is not complete. Error: SQL state = 08003 (Microsoft) ODBC driver manager Connection Not Open
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In the Tracker I-Net configuration page enter "<Oracle server name >; PORT=<prot_number>; SID=<sid name >" for the DBMS location using the Oracle Wire driver and/or the Oracle 8 driver . Additional Note:
CMS-XML Looping database logon when viewing reports in Project Office Web.
... the Administrators group should not pose a security ... A user cannot impersonate a service ... ... Therefore, you cannot inadvertently grant another ... ... natively or through ODBC ? ... that of an ODBC connection. ... because the connection does not have to go through the ODBC layer to access ... ... the reason an ODBC connection is recommended ... notall native drivers are multi- ... ... native and OLEDB drivers , for a ... Requests made using ODBC to the database will not be queued or ... ... connecting to a datasource with ODBC , the use of an ODBC System DSN is ... Do not use a File ...
CMS-XML Dim9: How to Setup Views for Reporting in Dimensions
... is because Dimensions no longer uses an Oracle ... as such can no longer use Oracle forms ... ... had reports that did not utilize Oracle Forms ... ... dmdba system/ manager @dim9 Provide a name , the operating ... ... register any report name *without actually ... ... particular report the default report that is ... ... with the same name in the Report ... Crystal Reports cannot be executed from ... ... Client, but no reports will be ... ... ) Create an ODBC driver to the view ... Administrative Tools – Data Sources ( ODBC ) ... - Add a Name and optionally, ...
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
Field Description Name Optionally modify the data source asset name JDBC URL JDBC driver URL. Enter the URL, or connect-string, to the database or database server, in the correct format for the database. For example, to connect to the default Collage database server, you would enter:
CMS-XML About: Tracker Inet - Invalid Database Type
Change the data source name for our Oracle ODBC driver to begin with 'TRK_Oracle' [e.g.TRK_ORACLE7_TK6_NT ].
CMS-XML Dim10: What are the recommended settings for the Listener.dat file?
Specifies the Dimensions base database name and the ODBC data source name (DSN) to use when starting up the initial applications servers at the time of pool manager startup. Because this is the Oracle connection string used when starting the initial processes in the pool, it makes most sense to specify whichever Dimensions base database will be used most frequently by the Dimensions users.
CMS-XML How To Copy Your Database via ODBC.
... your database via ODBC . ... involve knowing the name of the database server, the name of the database ... ... your database via ODBC . ... click on the ODBC button, this will launch the ODBC Administrator. ... add a new datasource . ... select the appropriate driver for your backend ... ... the Microsoft Access driver ... the SQL server driver If you are going to connect to Oracle, you will need to use the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle. After you have chosen the appropriate driver , you will need to follow the connection wizard instructions to create a data source .
CMS-XML How To: #53832: Improving performance with MS SQL Server native drivers
With the ODBC Administrator in the Control Panel, Add a new data source . ... The Data Sources dialog will appear. ... ete Data Sources available to your ODBC applications. ... dd button to receive the Add Data Source dialog, Select the ODBC Driver to use and select OK. Specify a new Data Source Name , Description and specify the (local) Server. After successfully adding a new Data Source , the Data Sources Dialog will look like: ... and choose the new data source that was created:
CMS-XML About: ODBC failure on workstation setup : ODBC driver manager DLL odbccp32.dll did not load.
About: ODBC failure on workstation setup : ODBC driver manager DLL odbccp32.dll did not load.
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