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CMS-XML Dim: LSBL command takes too long to process when there are many baselines
Customer is using a script and the command line command LSBL to retrieve the baselines in a product. They are searching for a specific baseline. The LSBL command, and subsequent processing are taking too long for their purposes.
CMS-XML After upgrading to PPM 2009 R1, task plan takes a long time to load and asks if I want to save changes, even if no changes were made
Also, the user will need to go back to this task plan because it will remain checked out to them. To check in the task plan, the user must select the File menu and click Publish. If the user selected No to save the changes the migration still happens and the task plan will just stay checked out to them until they go back and Publish the plan. After the one time migration is done, the users should not be prompted to save changes unless they actually change the task plan.
CMS-XML FDM: Long command strings
FDM: Long command strings
CMS-XML LIST command does not list contents of entire length of module
LIST command is not listing contents of entire length of PDSE module (type=library) The LIST command is only listing through x'047C'. ** MAP BIT64ATS
CMS-XML About: Commonly Used UNIX Commands/Utilities
... Commonly used UNIX Commands /Utilities ... Built-in Commands combining commands use | pipe ... ... technical references for commands It takes input from files ... ... for some admin commands such as to ... - long display file listing ... - generates long report of all ... ... - schedule a command to run at ... ... using the l command ... execute the following commands : ... execute files as commands View directory permissions by using the l -d command ... EXECUTE - Users can search in the directory and change to it using the cd command To change permissions use chmod command explained above. ... an entry is too long to fit on one line, end the line with a
CMS-XML STR540: Poor performance of the LISTV command.
Product: Startool version 5.4.0 Detail: The amount of time required to obtain a list of volumes using the LISTV command is too long .
Under PEDIT, the FIND and REPLACE strings must be the same length . This is because PEDIT is a data editor and not a source editor.
CMS-XML point and shoot on a one char long variable does not work
Date: 09/25/2003 DA-CICS/V540 - Program Source (76a) Time: 10:56:22 Command : Scroll: CSR ---------------- Prog:GJ6TESTB Date:06/02/2003 Time:11:30:20 Lang:COBOL/MVS
CMS-XML FDM720: HISTORY command against PDSE data set gets S0C4
++ZAP(STARTOOL) /* Problem:A HISTORY subcommand on a PDSE module gets an S0C4 at PDSMAP+1900 due to excessive symbol name length .
CMS-XML ATTR command results in PDS860E even when main module exists
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