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CMS-XML Audit and LCT components
Audit and LCT components
CMS-XML Can the SSI information be plugged into easytrieve modules? Currently information is not and is causing SYNCH9 errors at audit time.
Moreover, if the customer wants to include the SETSSI control statement as input to the binder through SYSLIN DD, the value specified in the SETSSI control card will override the value set by the SSI= option. This way, the customer can build their own LCT or have CMNSSIDN create one with the SSI= option in PARM intact.
CMS-XML Sample skel customization to support SSI in load components when the compiler generates a name card in the object deck.
CMS-XML Why can I not see the IDRDATA/fingerprint/eyeball information in my executable component?
The most obvious reason is that no IDENTIFY statement has been supplied to the binder/linkage editor (IEWL). If the CMNSSIDN /CMNSSOBJ step is being included in the build procedure and the executable is a program object (i.e. it is being written to a PDSE rather than a PDS executable library) then there is another possibility.
CMS-XML Replace a sub-routine using RELINK
There are several possibilities to solve this problem: 1. Ensure that all 'composite' load modules have linkcards ( LCT ). 2. Modify skel CMN$$SSI to contain the following logic:
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.2 Patch 1
and used again next time selected. Relink is Available for Reserved Library Type Name of LCT Client Pack now supports relinks being generated
CMS-XML How does Audit determine a source to load relationship?
- the SSI in the ISAL (Source and Load) record If the SSI values from the above do not match a SYNCH9 will be flagged in audit. The SSI is generated by CMNSSIDN and then passed to the LINK step to generate the IDENTIFY record. CMNBAT90/CMNBATCH is used to create the records in the package master.
CMS-XML DB2 Stored Procedures and DSNALI vs. DSNRLI
1. Utilize link edit control cards ( LCT ) to specify which module to include. For example, a stored procedure named DWPSP01P runs in WLM. Create an LCT member named DWPSP01P with the following contents. INCLUDE SYSLIB(DSNRLI)
CMS-XML Autoresolve of load-to-load and object-to-load audit errors
3. If CMNEX022 is inactive or if no corresponding entry for the target composite library type is found in the exit, then autoresolve will attempt to submit a relink of the composite load with REPLACE cards for the affected subroutines. This is achieved through use of the CMNSSIDN RMB parameter (please refer to the CMN ZMF Customization Guide for additional information).
CMS-XML Additional Considerations for Implementing EZtrieve
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