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CMS-XML How does Change Man connect to DB2?
If DB2 is cycled, Change Man will not automatically re-attach to DB2. This can be done by also cycling Change Man or executing the modify command: F SERx, CMN , ATTACH , DB2 .
CMS-XML DB2 connection and ZMF; Describe successful and unsuccessful connections.
/F taskname,CMN,DETACH,DB2 /F taskname, CMN , ATTACH , DB2 If the DB2 subsystem is still unavailable when the ATTACH command is issued, ZMF will begin looking for it.
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF and DB2 Threads
All of the connections made to DB2 from ZMF are performed using the Call Attach Facility. These connections to DB2 will establish DB2 threads when the following ZMF processes are performed...
CMS-XML DA not formating DB2 calls for IMS BMP batch jobs
StarTool DA is not formatting DB2 calls for IMS BMP batch jobs using DB2. There are two types of IMS batch attachment to DB2 in use here: 1. DL/I jobs using IMS program DSNMTV01 .
CMS-XML Is it possible to compare 2 separate DB2 subsystems?
If you are doing a DSN connect, there is no way to specify two different subsystems. If you are doing a CAF connect, DB2 itself does not allow multi-threading, so you are limited to attaching to a SINGLE SUBSYSTEM at one time. The only alternative is to download one table to a file and compare it against a live table on another system.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Running non proxy triggers on DB2
Use the attached script as an example Attached is an example dmdba script that enables DB2 privs for user user2, database intermediate, and dsn tadi2.
CMS-XML SPY401: DB2 Error Message: ** Severe error processing DB2 data.
Detail: Error Message: ** Severe error processing DB2 data. StarSpy/390 is unable to obtain and DB2 data using the DB2 call attach batch facility.
CMS-XML SetupData core dumps during AIX/DB2 installation.
You need to replace the seven executables from the install directory with the ones provided in the patch. FTP files to UNIX using 'binary' mode. Attached zip file contains the following files:
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF Compatibility with DB2 Version 8
The only issue we found was when the DSNTRACE ddname was active in the started task JCL. The presence of DSNTRACE enables DB2 tracing by IBM's Call Attach Facility. This is not a ZMF facility.
CMS-XML FAQ - DB2 Option Changes in ZMF 8.1.1
Yes. Beginning in ZMF 8.1.1, the ZMF started task will connect to DB2 (via CAF, Call Attach Facility) to access DB2 Admin definitions. The pre-8.1.1 admin data for SQL processing is stored in the VSAM package master. In 8.1.1+ the data is stored in DB2 tables CMNx.CMNADMIN_NAMED, and CMNx.CMNADMIN_GENERAL.
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