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CMS-XML Example for formatting XML for use with e-mail submission in Serena Business Mashups
Attached is an XML email sample to be able to submit a new item within Business Mashup using an email client. Data from the following field types are parsed to Business Mashups fields when submitted via XML e-mail submission: Date/Time
CMS-XML E-mail submit fails with error: "Date has an invalid value" found in Notification Server log
<BR> This happens when the XML for date is like the following: <FieldName>REQUESTED_COMPLETION_DATE</FieldName>
CMS-XML SLM: How to consolidate multiple license keys for one Host ID into a single license file
If you choose the " Email License " option, the next screen will show the body of the e-mail message and have a field where recipient e-mail addresses may be entered . The e-mail will have an attachment named “ConsolidatedLicenseFile.lic”. Save this file to the local machine or network.
README: Serena TeamTrack 6.2 XML E-mail submission is now working properly. Dependent fields are no longer mistakenly reported as invalid on transitions if dependencies are established where a Single-Relational field drives the values in a Multi-Relational field and the field used to establish the relationship is also a Multi-Relational field. Users no longer receive a runtime error when repopulating forms that contain field dependencies in which Multi-Selection and Multi-Relational fields are dependent fields.
HTML Serena TeamTrack 6.3 Readme
4.0 Fixed in TeamTrack 6.3, Build 63016 (Windows and Solaris versions) When mapping fields for XML e-mail submission , submissions should no longer fail if you map fields whose database field names contain underscores. TABLE, TR, and TD tags are no longer incorrectly inserted into HTML e-mail templates. When the "Show New Note Field" and "Require New Note Entry" options are selected for a Copy transition, notes added during the transition are no longer attached to the bottom of the Notes section for users who have selected to display new notes at the top of this section.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions + xml :space="preserve" version="1014000015" resname="IDS_MAILSUBMITATTACHHTMLEMAILASPDF"> E-mail Submission – Attach HTML E-mail as PDF
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions xml :space="preserve" version="71052" resname="IDS_BTN_SENDEMAIL">Send E-mail xml :space="preserve" version="71052" resname="IDS_BTN_SUBMIT"> Submit xml :space="preserve" version="71052" resname="IDS_BTN_TESTURL">Test URL @@ -1712,6 +1713, ...
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions xml :space="preserve" version="1000001613" resname="IDS_ERR_ EMAIL _ADDRESS_NOT_UNIQUE"> Email address should be unique xml :space="preserve" version="904000514" resname="IDS_ERR_ EMAIL _SUBMIT_TRANSITION_NOT_FOUND">An E-mail Submit transition could not be found.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions + Send E-mail about Attachment + xml :space="preserve" version="1015000019" resname="IDS_SOC_TITLE_ EMAIL _ABOUT_ENTRY">Send E-mail about Entry
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions xml :space="preserve" version="901000503" resname="IDS_ EMAIL _ENTERVALUE"> Enter value to find here xml :space="preserve" version="71052" resname="IDS_ EMAIL _EXTERNALDATABASE">External Database xml :space="preserve" version="
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