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CMS-XML Changing the Notification link from User Workspace to Work Center for the whole of SBM in the Application Administrator
field again, it is applied to all notifications , including those that were overridden. Therefore, use caution when applying the global link
CMS-XML Notifications stop working due to UUU (Unicode Upgrade Utility) accidentally being performed on 6.6.x database.
This leaves all text and varchar fields in the 6.6.x database as ntext and nvarchar. The database may still work correctly, however the notification server will be unable to read the e-mail addresses in the TS_NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES table, and fail to send messages. No errors will be logged in the ttmail.log,
CMS-XML After upgrading PPM, the integration with SBM no longer works
Under Configuration | Environment Settings | Notification Settings, make sure the queue server, queue name, and email fields are correct. Additional details can be found in the on-line help .
CMS-XML How to get logging from a Notification that calls a web service.
When you create a notification you can have it call a web service as its action and map return fields from the web service to your sbm item. These can be tricky to troubleshoot because there isn't a lot of logging that takes place. The log for these events should show in the ns.log file.
CMS-XML Why do some email notifications show the From user in the email as the SBM computer name instead of the user? Like servername$@servername
Depending on the settings in Configurator for the Notification server itself you can can select that the From and Reploy to Address show as the user that ran the transition or last modifier etc. If that user doesn't have an email address in their profile then the From field looks like below instead of a real email address.
CMS-XML Notifications are not being fired, since upgrade to SBM 10.1 or later, when populating TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS programmatically
Since upgrade to SBM 10.1 there is going to be a change needed if you are writing to TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS by some external means. There is a new field TS_ACTIONSTAMP in this table and if this is NULL then you will get the following error in the ns.log and the event will not be processed by the Notification Server :
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.+: Notification emails have http links to items instead of https links
On the Notification Server tab, scroll about half way down to the section called Link Settings. In the Web Server field , update the server name: Verify this has the SBM server name (or load balance name, as appropriate).
CMS-XML Email parser - Adjusting the Matching Threshold for Fields and Values in E-mail Submit and E-mail Responses
Severity: 1 If a field name or value does not have an exact match in SBM, the system uses the closest field and value it can find. The threshold that determines how many characters can differ for each field and field value is controlled via a properties file that is located on the Notification Server machine.
CMS-XML How does the URL get created in Agile to SBM integration when using the __URL__ ( SBM Link ) attributes?
If you open the SBM System Administrator and drill down to the following location: Options | Manage Services | Notification Server | Properties | Options Tab. In the Web Server box of the Link Settings control this is where the server name and port are created from in the SBM Link.
CMS-XML Why don't I get email notifications when I'm assigned a task in Projects on Demand?
In the Admin | Company Settings area (You need to be an admin to see this screen) look for the option that says "Only notify of assignments if 'Project Status' field is Active" The option, when checked, will look at the Project Status field of your project (it is set in the Project Information Dialog) and if the status is not set to Active , then no email notifications will occur when you create new assignments.
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