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CMS-XML Installing the Serena Dimension Oracle Runtime (Windows) for use with Dimensions RM 2009 R1
10 Concurrent users SGA 1044, PGA 352 20 Concurrent users SGA 1536, PGA 512 Processes at least 8 for each concurrent user, 20 for each sync engine, 18 for ALF or Mashups service, 4 for RM Mail Service.
CMS-XML DimCM: Install: Windows: Error referencing ...api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing or cannot be loaded.... during Dimensions CM install on Windows
DimCM: Install: Windows : Error referencing ...api- ms-win -crt-runtime-l1- 1 -0.dll is missing or cannot be loaded.... during Dimensions CM install on Windows
CMS-XML Dimensions RM 2009 R1 - Upgrading from Oracle 9 to Oracle 10g (10.2.x) without rebuilding the Windows Server
Upgrading from Oracle 9 to Oracle 10g (10.2.x) without rebuilding the Windows Server
CMS-XML Windows installer fails without error, but Event Viewer shows: "This app can't be activated by the Built-in Administrator."
Activation of app Microsoft.Windows.Apprep.ChxApp_cw5n 1 h 2txyewy!App failed with error: This app can't be activated by the Built-in Administrator. See the Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operational log for additional information.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.3: After installing the VM patch on Windows, certool fails with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
at$ 1 .run( at$ 1 .run( ... at pvcs.vm.sso.certificate.manager.cmd.Client.<clinit>( 20 )
CMS-XML The Merge tool window position obscures part or all of the window.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ... "NumberDerivatives"=" 20 " ... "FramesPosition"="- 20 ,7,931,452" "MergeState"=" 1 "
CMS-XML SBM: Setup SBM to access SQL Server using Windows Authentication
... Server database using Windows Authentication. Create a Windows Domain Service account ... ... account in step 1 should have dbo ... ... g. Enter Windows domain service account created in step 1 . Click OK ... h . Select the ... d. Choose This Account and enter your Windows domain service account credentials from step 1 . ... Open Windows File Explorer and make sure that the domain service account in step 1 has modify access to the [SBM\Application Engine] directory. ... If this account is the one used to logon to server via Remote Desktop, nothing further is necessary.
PDF Using JVisualVM to monitor utilization (on Windows server)
1 ) Install or Find a Java JDK (Developer) installation on your machine. A JDK will have the program jvisualvm.exe in the bin folder. Ideally, this JDK will be for version 1.8.x (or higher).
CMS-XML How to customize relational field (Single Relational and Multi-Relational fields) searches
When there is a single relational or multi-relational field on a form, you can open the advanced search window and search for ID or Title. However, by default the quick search will only search for words in the related table's title field. Depending on your situation, you may want to search other fields as well.
CMS-XML Upgrading SBM from Windows 32-bit to 64-bit
is handled through a new suite installation on one or more 64-bit Windows 2008 R2 servers. You can either perform a
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