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CMS-XML Changing the default size limit for files returned by the GetFileField and UpdateFileField Web service and JSON calls
The total size of the response that is returned by the GetFileField and UpdateFileField calls is determined by the FileFieldTotalSizeMax_MB global system setting in the code. The default value is 50MB.
CMS-XML Using the RESTCaller SOAP wrapper utility service but get "No compatible tokens found on the request" in soap response.
Using the RESTCaller SOAP wrapper utility service provided by SBM that enables SBM orchestration workflows to call REST-based Web services you may see the following error in the Common Log instead of the service running as expected. A Web service was invoked at Service step RESTCaller_post, and now the Orchestration Engine is receiving the following message: <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=''>
CMS-XML How to get more logging when the SBM GSOAP web service is called
You can use the attached registry keys to enable some very basic logging about the soap request and response that gets sent and received from notifications or other web services. This can be particularly helpful when a soap request or response is too large and gets chopped of in the Common log. This logging will show the entire request and response envelope.
CMS-XML The Orchestration Engine cannot send the Web service request at Service step SAC_GetMapRecordForProductAndRelease with Agile Connector
com.sun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.SOAPExceptionImpl: com.sun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.SOAPExceptionImpl: Bad response : (404Not Found )
CMS-XML Upgrade from 6.0: When start manual task, get error "A Schema Parser Exception occurred while parsing the response at line 1:3167"
Error occurred during web service invocation: A Schema Parser exception occurred while parsing the response at line 1:3167 Schema Parser Exception : Could not find element actionDisplay in task
CMS-XML Example application to illustrate using the "RESTCaller" functionality that enables an SBM orchestration workflow to call REST-based Web services. This example url returns an XML response that looks like this. <CUSTOMER xmlns:xlink
CMS-XML CMN ZMF Web Services Sample Code
Meaning, you can run the ZMF connect web service from SOAPUI, and then you’re done. You cannot use SOAPUI to connect to ZMF, and then run another web service. The sample application provided in this document demonstrates how to perform several such functions in ZMF (e.g. connect to ZMF, perform a function, receive the response , disconnect).
CMS-XML How to use the RunReportXml web service with a report that takes a query at runtime parameter.
<urn:extraOption><urn:name>HasRuntimeParams</urn:name><urn:value>1</urn:value></urn:extraOption> </urn:options> When you run the web service the response should be the same results you get in the UI but in XML format.
CMS-XML Where is the server part of the Item URL picked up from when using a GetItem method with webservices?
When you run a webservice to get an item part of the response includes the URL for the item. e.g. <ae:url>http://servername /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?IssuePage&amp;RecordId=4&amp;Template=view&amp;TableId=1061</ae:url>
CMS-XML getting error 'unable to find valid certification path to requested target' when calling webservice from an orchestration
The Orchestration Engine cannot send the Web service request at Service step Login_Service to the endpoint defined as You should verify that the definition is correct and that the server is responding .
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