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CMS-XML Can't get schedule reports to send and see this error in the ns.log " Exception Thrown while processing Notification Event 'Scheduled Report: Smith, Joe: Listing of Issues'. java.lang.NullPointerException"
If scheduled reports won't send and you see the following error in ns.log you can check the following to address the issue. Exception Thrown while processing Notification Event 'Scheduled Report: Smith, Joe: Listing of Issues'. java.lang.NullPointerException
CMS-XML When you open the Notifications area in your settings while in Work Center you may see an error "No row with the given identifier exists"
When you open the Notifications sub area in your Work Center Settings you may see the following error for a couple seconds "No row with the given identifier exists" Notification #XXX
CMS-XML "Approve" and "Reject" buttons on email notifications are unresponsive
If you have followed the email response template from Application Administrator Guide under Notification Tags section, and the buttons in email received are not responding, right click in the email and click View Source to check the button html. If you are seeing empty anchor tag for the button such as <a href="">Approve</a>, then you might have missed the configuration for address for external links.
CMS-XML Changing the Notification link from User Workspace to Work Center for the whole of SBM in the Application Administrator
field to set a global, default shell value in notification item links at the Base Project in the Application Administrator. For example, if you want all users to view items from notifications in the Work Center
CMS-XML Project on Demand with salesforce users not getting task email notifications.
There is a column in that view for E-Mail Address. If any email addresses starts out with Salesforce/ then remove that word and only have it say the valid email address.
CMS-XML Customizing Notification E-mail Templates for iPhone or iTouch
To add the hyperlink for iPhone or iTouch users, customize your Web interface e-mail templates by adding the following code to your e-mail templates, replacing <servername> with the name of your SBM server: If you are using an iPhone or iTouch, click on the following link to view the item: sbmmobile://<servername>/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?View&I=$RECORDID()&T=$TABLEID()
CMS-XML Email responses and transitioning items from notifications
Note the following important information: • The E-mail Responses tab only appears in the Notifications view if the notification's action is set to Send E-mail User Channel.
CMS-XML How to send a system notification to all Mariner users for things like system maintenance notices etc.
Design the form in view designer and put the Name and Description attributes on the form. Go to the Tools / My Workspace module and define a new notification. If you create a notification for Item - On Add
CMS-XML Font ARIALUNI.TTF was not found on current operating system in notification log.
You may see the following message in the notification log ( ns.log ) file when you use the "Attach HTML email as PDF" option for Email Submit. DEBUG 2013-10-24 07:54:33,640 [notificationsrv.HtmlToPdfService] -- Font ARIALUNI.TTF was not found on current operating system. C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\ARIALUNI.TTF not found as file or resource.
CMS-XML Can't schedule or set assignments for notifications or scheduled reports with IE 10 or IE 11
If you use IE 10 or 11 with PPM you can't see any of the tabs that allow you to schedule or set who gets notified for Notifications or Scheduled Reports. Workaround is to use one of the supported browsers like IE6,7,8
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