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CMS-XML Dim12: dmdeploysrv process exists but deployment not working
It often helps to open the control panel -> Services and locate the "Serena Dimensions Listener Service". Change the startup type to "Automatic (delayed)". This will cause the Dimensions listener to wait for startup until other services have completed their startup.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.2+: PVCS Web Client Agent Initialization hangs at WAITING FOR AGENT CONNECTION
When attempting to connect to VM-I Net 8.6.2 or later, the login process gets stuck at a screen showing: PVCS Web Client Agent Initialization WAITING FOR AGENT CONNECTION
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Post/Wait kernel extension is not installed on this system.
When install Oracle user encounter the following error message and installation aborted. Whne during "create_ora_inst" process : Post/Wait kernel extension is not installed on this system.
CMS-XML DIM: Mail: Dmemail process does not start when the Dimensions Listener is started
it will cause the dmemail process to wait for 2 minutes to allow the server time to get established and then check for the dmemail_nnnn.dat file. The same is true in the reverse if we stop the Listener Service, the dmemail process wil not 'stop' until about 2 minutes afterwards.
CMS-XML Changes to prior release content version regression processing (ERR0417! errors) in ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.2
1. ENH198408 was implemented to allow higher areas in the current release to be completely ignored during audit processing, using the 'Ignore Higher Areas' (IHA=YES) option. This kind of audit will detect these prior release version regression situations during the audit of any area in the current release. Specifying IHA=YES on an area audit will mean that a user does not have to wait for an audit on the final populated area within the release to identify ERR0417!s caused by program changes in prior release areas.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Upgrade to 9.1.3 - Unable to access all the clients. "Failed to Start Dimensions server process"
The problem appears to be that multiple installs are creating multiple symbolic links that shouldn't be there. After clearing everything up so that the user patiently waited for the 9.1.3 upgrade to finish, the user had just three links that were suppose to be there. Not sure why the additional links were created on additional 9.1.3 upgrades.
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.3.2: Upgrade process hangs attempting to install and upgrade to Dimensions 14.3.2 on Linux
When the Oracle user CM_TYPICAL was checked it turned out to be locked. Unlocking the user and supplying the correct password to the waiting upgrade script allowed the upgrade to continue to completion.
PDF SDA: Post Processing Script Quick Start Tutorial
 Exit the process designer by click in the X icon  In the top right corner click the Run button, select an agent and click Next  On the next screen click Submit Wait till the process completes, and click the output icon  Output similar to the following should appear, notice the Windows version and free output are both highlighted  Click Close to dismiss the dialog
runGlobalProcessIf: 'true', // Wait for a completion of a global process in DA and update job status based on the process result. updateJobStatus: true,
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.5+: Disable Returning Attachments in Work Center Search Results (How to turn off Smart Search indexing for attachments)
It could take a considerable amount of time for the re-index to complete and performance will be very slow until it finishes. You could turn off the indexing until a time better suited to wait for this process . For additional information on upgrades and the re-index, see KB S140944 or this blog entry .
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