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CMS-XML Importing Users from Spreadsheet and User Attribute Map is grayed out
Importing Users from Spreadsheet and User Attribute Map is grayed out
CMS-XML Cannot import localization (SLS) file to On-Demand SBM - get following error - An error occurred while importing locales: On-Demand user not allowed to import new Key:
Cannot import localization file to SAAS SBM via the Application Administrator: Error: An error occurred while importing locales: On-Demand user not allowed to import new Key:
CMS-XML How to limit the number of users that get imported via LDAP in the Mariner/Agile Admin tool.
(Memberof=CN=Mariner_Group,CN=Users,DC=supportad,DC=aline,DC=com) With this filter it would only import the Active Directory users that were a member of the Mariner_Group cn We've found this free ldap browser tool very helpful in creating the filters as it shows the results of the filter without actually importing the users into Mariner.
CMS-XML Copying user in SBM Administrator via LDAP can cause privilege issues
Importing users as copies of an existing user via the User Import in LDAP Setup & Tools can cause privilege type issues for the new user depending on what the home page report is set to for the user being copied from. Although the new user may have privileges to a(n) application(s), if the home page report set from the copied user is set to private, attempting to access that application(s) may cause the following error:
CMS-XML DA: Component Versions show "Created by" as wrong user
No matter which user submits an import request for component versions, and no matter which user is used as the "logon user " for the source type tool, the Component Versions list has another user as "Created by".
CMS-XML After importing a solution in Application Repository you don't see any of the process apps in the Process App Snapshots area.
If you look in the Privileges section in Application Repository make sure the user you're logged in as has the appropriate permissions to see the newly imported apps.
CMS-XML After adding new ldap user get "Unspecified exec error" when clicking on that user in the Web Administrator tool.
The symptom of the problem was after adding a new user via the LDAP import tool and then going into the Web Administrator tool and clicking the details button for that user you get an error "Unspecified exec error" and you can't see the details for the user . This only seemed to throw an error for the newly created user. He could still view the details for users already in the system.
CMS-XML Mapping the Custom Column Parameters to an Auxiliary Table (if upgrading from RLC 6.0 without importing the process app snapshots)
This article is for users upgrading from Release Control 6.0 who do not want to deploy the new process apps or snapshots. It explains how to use an auxiliary table to set your custom columns in the Release Control Request and Deployment Unit widgets. If you are using the applications installed with Release Control 6.0.1 or above, the feature described here has already been implemented.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Dimensions 6.0 to 7.0 manual upgrade import stage fails
When upgrading Dimensions 6.0 to 7.0 using the manual method, the import can fail on Base Database objects that utilise different tablespaces. For example you may store indices in their own tablespace or you may have users created in a specific user tablespace. The manual upgrade procedure does not create these additional tablespaces as part of the Oracle installation and database creation.
CMS-XML Importing Release Control solution gives "Failed to extract the solution. You do not have permission to delete the obsolete snapshot"
This is a permission problem within the Application Repository. Verify that your user has full repository privileges:
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