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CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager mitigation of 'log4j2' compromise - CVE-2021-44228
For older PVCS Version Manager 8.6 .x releases, please follow the steps below. Be warned that using older PVCS VM releases may expose you to other vulnerabilities that have since been resolved.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.3: After installing the VM patch on Windows, certool fails with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
As a result, certtool can fail with the error: C:\>certtool Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/ logging / log 4 j /spi/ExtendedLoggerWrapper
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1: In-place upgrade from VM 8.6.0 fails with Restore report showing a failure for the file gatekeeper-core-config.xml
20190415-165040: File copied successfully. ('D:\PVCS\Serena\bkstore\restores\1904051219.75F\files\common\pvcsprop\pvcs\ vm \sso\ log 4 j .properties' -> 'D:\PVCS\Serena\ vm \common\pvcsprop\pvcs\ vm \sso\ log 4 j .properties'
CMS-XML Required Operating System packages to run VM 8.6.x on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
VM 8.6 .2 does not formally support RHEL 8. While most components work, the Eclipse RIDE integration fails due to compatibility issues with system libraries log 4 cxx and libdb. These manifest themselves in Eclipse RIDE as ERROR- Unexpected exception. com.serena.uca.common.ClientAPIRuntimeException.
CMS-XML How to enable SLM client logging?
On 64-bit Operating Systems running 32-bit software (e.g. Version Manager prior to release 8.6 ):
CMS-XML How to setup an Apache Reverse Proxy to access a VM I-Net Web Client server running VM 8.6.1 or newer
ProxyRequests Off # For reverse proxy debugging you can enable trace level of logging and # troubleshoot problems via regular global log files
CMS-XML VM 8.6.0+ Should registry changes made to the VM server as with VM 8.5 and older?
Stop Param Number 0=stop System.out File=C:\\PROGRA~2\\Serena\\ vm \\common\\tomcat\\ logs \\stdout.log System.err File=C:\\PROGRA~2\\Serena\\vm\\common\\tomcat\\logs\\stderr.log
CMS-XML VM: How to perform a silent installation of Version Manager on Windows (automatic installation with being prompted for license server, etc.)
... of recording a VM 8.6 .1. ... ... will launch the VM installer and write ... ... of recording the VM 8.4 ... vm 8400w32 ... _install\ VM 8400_setup ... ... will launch the VM 8.4 ... _install\ VM 8400_setup ... ... an 8. 4 .x. ... installer, like VM 8.4 ... .0 or VM 8.5 ... ... f2. log " /debuglog ... ... will help gather logging information on the ... With current VM releases that is ... ... TEMP%\ vm _install_ ...
CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager: Where is the ISLV.INI / .islvrc file located and can the location of that file be changed?
... or which one VM is using ... If defined, VM will use the ... ... If defined, VM will use the ... ... \Serena\ vm folder to contain ... ... \Serena\ vm folder for the ... VM Web Application Server ... , prior to VM release 8.6 .0 ... services\Serena VM Web Application Server ... VM Web Applica ... Service as of VM release 8.6 .0 ... If defined, VM will use the ... ... for the user logged into the server ... button from the Version Manager Application Server Admin ... ... If defined, VM will use the ...
CMS-XML VM 8.6+: Using certtool to generate an SSL certificate for the PVCS VM Web Application Server (Tomcat) that is signed by your Certificate Authority
Certificate was added to C:\pvcs\vm8610\vm\common\tomcat\conf\serena.keystore using alias 'csr_or-rgering-w216.serena.com_a385d61c-3059-421b-9414-f00d265c36ad' Certificate signing request was saved to C:\PVCSVMCerts\csr_ 4 df39baa- 4 ed9-4567-bf20-96ddcd1e51a3.pem C:\PVCSVMCerts>dir
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