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CMS-XML Investment tree takes a long time to load causing Mariner to run slowly overall (workaround)
On some systems, you may notice overall poor performance in Mariner that is caused by the investment tree loading slowly. This document will discuss this issue and give a workaround script .
CMS-XML What permissions does an App Script run as?
What permissions does an App Script run as?
CMS-XML Dim10: Why does upgrading to Dimensions 10.x mean my tablespaces (esp pcms_idx) increase substantially? (upgrade takes long time)
Unpack the attached file into /tmp, edit and change SYSTEM's password and base database name to match your system, then run the shell script . The script will produce a list of all indices in the base database along with total blocks allocated/block used counts (3rd and 4th columns of the output respectively). If your system's sort utility supports numeric sorting on given column, then the list shall be ordered by total allocated block count.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Unix: Running shell script with REXEC command gives error ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 64544 bytes (sort subheap,sort key)
When executing a Unix shell script with the REXEC command, as detailed below, there is no error executing the REXEC command, but the query in the executed shell script returns an Oracle 'out of process memory' error: - REXEC /NETWORK_NODE=spser01 /TEMPLATE_ID="listado_DimChecking.sh2" /PARAMETERS=(PAR1="ldafgj1",PAR2=01-11-2012,PAR3=08-11-2012) Passing the template for execution
CMS-XML Deadlock Error when Running Orchestration Workflows
A deadlock error could occur when you run orchestration workflows in a high-volume environment. To correct this problem, run the following SQL scripts on orchestration database. ALTER DATABASE <database name
CMS-XML VM: Error: Installshield scripting runtime 1607
When installing VM 6.8.10, users may receive this type of Installshield error message when they don't have privileges to write to the system registry and/or Windows directories. This error can appear during initial stage of installation, when Version Manager attempts create temporary files or Windows folders. Login as a user with Administrator privileges and run the install again.
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Unable to find script 'u0801080.sql described in the Dimensions 8 Upgrade Guide (d8upgd10.pdf)
Data Dictionary", on page 53 in the Dimensions 8 Upgrade Guide (d8upgd10.pdf) mentiones a number of scripts that have to be run for both Unix and Windows in order to upgrade Oracle 8i to 9i. The script files in question are:
CMS-XML RM 2009 R2 SyncEngine to QC 10 – log entry QC Error : IDispatch error #490Failed to Run Query
Edit and run the appropriate SYNCENGINE_QC_SCHEMA script against the database. You can rerun the entire script with new entries for the QC new project. Creating the Interface Schema
CMS-XML SDA: Post Processing Script Evaluation Getting Started
Step 4: Update Global processs with Post Processing Script Step 5: Run the process and view the output properties Further task
CMS-XML How to tell which user shell you are in when running some Javascript
< script type="text/javascript"> // Init var for user's selected timezone offset in seconds
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