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CMS-XML Enabling File Formats for Graphical Reports
(If you used an available TS_ID in TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS, there is no need to increment the TS_ LASTIDS table. If you added a new TS_ID, you must also increment the last ID entry for TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS in the TS_LASTIDS table).
CMS-XML An error occurred during the publish operation: '' is null or not an object Unknown Error [object Error] when trying to publish a knowledge Management article.
You will see this error if for some reason the TS_ LASTID column value in the TS_ LASTIDS table for the KP Published table is out of synch.
CMS-XML System Setting to Block Specific File Types in SBM File Fields and Item Attachments
TS_ID - Specify a new TS_ID value. (Don't forget to update the TS_ LASTIDS table after doing this to ensure that the last ID for TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS is up-to-date).
CMS-XML Configuring the Session Timeout Warning Period
To change the warning period from the default 5 minutes, you can add a new row to the TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS table. 1. Allocate a new TS_ID for the new Setting record to be added by updating the TS_ LASTIDS table. UPDATE TS_LASTIDS SET TS_LASTID = TS_LASTID + 1 WHERE TS_TABLEID = 56;
CMS-XML Changing the default size limit for files returned by the GetFileField and UpdateFileField Web service and JSON calls
To change this value, add a new entry to the TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS table for FileFieldTotalSizeMax_MB. 1. Allocate a new TS_ID for the new Setting record to be added by updating the TS_ LASTIDS table. UPDATE TS_LASTIDS SET TS_LASTID = TS_LASTID + 1 WHERE TS_TABLEID = 56;
CMS-XML Require Greater Privileges for Logon As Another User with Application Administrator
To implement tighter controls: Find an unused TS_ID in the TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS table (otherwise, if you add a new TS_ID value and it is now the highest TS_ID in TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS, you must also update the TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS entry in the TS_ LASTIDS table). Add a new row with the following:
CMS-XML High CPU on Common Services Tomcat server and Work Center search not finding new items - reindex of table automatically happening
INFO 06-07-2017 08:19:00 [IndexerServiceImpl] -- indexAllTableItems(1620): Created ExecutorService with 6 threads. INFO 06-07-2017 08:19:01 [IndexerServiceImpl] -- GetNextItems tableId: 1620 lastId : 0 returned 500 items (221ms) INFO 06-07-2017 08:19:01 [IndexerServiceImpl] -- GetNextItems tableId: 1620 lastId: 211076 returned 500 items (72ms)
CMS-XML How to add Headers and Footers to the SBM Work Center (SBM 11.x example - Creating Classification/Alert Banners for SBM)
If no row was returned, you will need create add the row by following these steps: Increase the LASTID value using this command: update TS_LASTIDS set TS_LASTID=TS_LASTID+1 where TS_NAME = 'SystemSettings'
CMS-XML SBM: Limiting the number and type of file attachments - Error "The number of Files has exceeded the maximum number allowed. Maximum: ( 100 ), Total: ( 100 )"
Note : You must update the TS_ LASTIDS table if you add rows to TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS. Contact Support for assistance with updating TS_ LASTIDS . 2)
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.4,, and 10.1.5: Cannot edit, delete or share Work Center views (activity, calendar, backlog). My View and Shared View buttons missing during edit. workcenter
update TS_ LASTIDS set TS_LASTID =
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