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CMS-XML KM-DIM10: Installation on Unix: Error: null - Installed Product Check
This is most likely caused by an existing Serena inventory file on the machine that's being installed to due to Dimensions having been installed prior to this installation. To get around this problem make a backup of the /var/opt/serena/inventory directory, delete it and attempt the installation again.
CMS-XML DimCM: Install: Unix: How to install the Dimensions Server Core Files only on UNIX/Linux platforms
2. Rename or move the /var/opt/serena/ inventory directory.
PDF Deployment Automation Artifactory Tutorial (DA 6.1.4)
For an inventory : Click on the ZIP download: $;bt_package=jfrog-artifactory-oss-zip
CMS-XML SRA: Agent installation is not succeeding. Logs may indicate no jvm
Repeat step 1 to remove the entire folder (including the jvm). Remove inventory information for this installation /var/opt/serena/ inventory NOTE: If other serena products are installed the deletion may need to be more selective to only remove the SRA Agent inventory
CMS-XML SDA: How to uninstall on UNIX/Linux
If the uninstall script hangs or gives errors, you can manually uninstall SDA using these steps: 1. Remove the registry directory by renaming /var/opt/serena/ inventory / to be /var/opt/serena/ inventory _old/ 2. Remove SDA from Tomcat by choosing one of these options:
CMS-XML Release Automation: 3.1 – WebSphere action pack
3. Perform Reload Actions Nolio ASAP UI > Administration > Actions Inventory
CMS-XML Replicate Deployment Automation objects across an air gap
Export parameters Latest Deployed: all deployed versions from current inventory status of the environments All: all component versions are included
MS-WORD Updating Existing Apps for use with Asset Management.docx
Purchase Asset which posts a new asset into Asset Management using the Submit from SR transition. Check Inventory which uses a relational grid to allow a service desk user to look at available items and link it to this request. Unlink Asset which clears the relational field in Asset Management and calls Clear Linked Asset
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.3.3 : installation of agent only on Solaris aborting with message : "Panel12 => Errors occurred during the installation. / java.util.Hashtable.containsKey(Unknown Source)"
To get the installation completing successfully, delete the folder /var/opt/serena/ inventory then rerun the installer
PDF SDA: Migrating from Derby to Oracle
[sql] 8 of 8 SQL statements executed successfully [echo] Creating Inventory Database Schema ... [sql] Executing resource: c:\Program Files\Serena\Common\tomcat\7.0\webapps\serena_ra\WEB-INF\install\database\inventory\oracle\inv-sc
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