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CMS-XML RLM 4.5: Some of my ZMF Packages are missing when adding deployment units to my Release Package
Default value = ChangeMan ZMF packageS Vault Baseline Provider for RLM FILTER_ZMF_PACKAGES_IN_DEVELOPMENT_STATUS Change packages that are in frozen status are typically selected as deployment units that are ready to install, but you may include change packages in
CMS-XML Changes to prior release content version regression processing (ERR0417! errors) in ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.2
Once a user has confirmed that the current area component is up to date with all recently applied changes to earlier, prior releases , the following options can be used to correct the metadata in the current release and stop the ERR0417! being reported.
CMS-XML VMINET: VM Server 6.7.11 Readme with Release Highlights
VM 6.7.10 must be uninstalled. The Sample Database and Servlet Definitions may remain, but all other files should be removed. Failure to perform these uninstall tasks may cause conflicts when installing VM Server 6.7.11.
CMS-XML DMCM: Pulse connection failure following manual upgrade to 14.x
After upgrading to Dimensions 14.x from a release prior to 14.1 using the manual DMDBA method, the PULSE user is normally created manually as indicated in the installation documentation, and this user subsequently has database objects created when the first connection is made to Pulse. However, if this is not happening and the objects in the Pulse schema are not created in the database, this indicates that the database.jdbcurl is not set correctly.
CMS-XML How to stop the SLA service after installing SSM 5.3
SSM 5.3 is the first SSM release that uses the SLA engine provided by the SBM platform. In SSM 5.3, the service is started automatically via a Configurator plugin after you click Apply in SBM Configurator. However, because the service is not accessible from SBM Configurator, you cannot easily start/stop the SLA service.
CMS-XML ZMF Potential loop in CMNWRITE when COBOL programs contain comment lines within COPY statements. can be downloaded from Solution P2322 . Note: This circumvention will not work for customers running CMN ZMF 5.6.2. A 5.6.2 fix for this problem is available in the patch release . ChangeMan ZMF
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1: In-place upgrade from VM 8.6.0 fails with Restore report showing a failure for the file gatekeeper-core-config.xml
The following steps assume that Version Manager is not configured to authenticate users via a Serena SSO server (from VM or SBM) as it deploys the default file from the new VM release . First confirm this is the only conflict in the report:
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Install hangs installing Dimensions Oracle.
Install Oracle directly from the server and not from a Terminal Services Client. If the install was invoked from a Microsoft Terminal Services Client window, kill the process, de-install Dimensions from the server console by following the de-installation instructions in the Dimensions Installation guide, and try again directly from the server console. The following note from Oracle 8i release notes explains why: <hr> Unsupported Oracle Products and Features on Windows Terminal Servers.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.6.1 - Software Release Notes
4. The Web services API now returns and accepts itemID values instead of titles for Relational fields. 5. The ttctl teamtrack stop and ttctl teamtrack start commands now stop and start both the Web server and the TeamTrack Web services for systems running on Solaris or Linux servers. 6. Changes have been made to ensure that the TeamTrack browser will correctly display time and date stamps according to the changes in Daylight Savings Time that will occur in the United States in 2007.
CMS-XML SRA: Upgrade will render SRA unusable if Tomcat is not stopped beforehand
Upgrading to Serena Release Automation 4.5.1 but forgot to stop the Common Tomcat service first, everything worked until a reboot took place, then service wouldn’t start: [2013-08-15 08:54:53] [info] Commons Daemon procrun ( started [2013-08-15 08:54:53] [info] Running Service...
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