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CMS-XML How to find all reports that were created by users no longer in the system that still run on a schedule.
The following query, when run against the Mariner/PPM database, will show all scheduled reports that were created by an inactive user . SELECT PES_ReportSchedule.rpt_UID AS Report_ID, PES_Report.rpt_Name AS Report_Name, PES_ReportSchedule.rpsc_active AS Active,
CMS-XML How do you find all reports that have been scheduled by a certain user? How do you disable scheduled reports for a specific user?
Run the previous query first and verify the reports returned are for the correct user and they are the ones that should be disabled. Running the following query replacing the 'xxxxx' with the userid in question will mark those reports as inactive and consequently the schedule reports will stop running for that userid. Update PES_ReportSchedule set rpsc_active= 'False' where rpt_UID in (SELECT PES_Report.rpt_UID
CMS-XML MCLG: Flash code in contribution document causes edit/preview tabs to become inactive
When inserting the embed tags into the source box and save, their edit session stops functioning (ie. edit/preview tabs become disabled) and hour glass shown. Even though the flash works when previewing the document in Collage, users cannot go back into the contribution document to edit it (as the edit session doesn't open properly).
PDF Serena Collage Components User's Guide
The Navigation Bar component stores information about how active and inactive buttons will look and where the buttons should link to. When you deploy a page containing a Navbar component, Collage generates the links based on:
CMS-XML ZMF 8.1 Passticket validation for protected userids
A ‘protected’ userid is defined by IBM as follows: “Protected user IDs are protected from being used to logon to the system and from being revoked through inactivity or unsuccessful attempts to access the system using incorrect passwords and password phrases.” These tend to be used for started task userids and similar purposes (e.g. the ZMF started task, job scheduling software, etc.).
CMS-XML SBM Application Engine and Load Balancing Requirements
Session persistence requires the "Node Lock" option (also called "Server Affinity" and "Persistence" depending on the implementation of load balancing). This option ensures that once a user is directed to one server they are continuously directed to that server unless there is a long period of inactivity or the server goes down. This is necessary because of caching on the SBM server side.
CMS-XML 5.5.1 TeamTrack Readme File
Querying the Archive Table Users can view and restore archived inactive primary items through the Find feature in the browser interface. Improved Mass Transition Reports
HTML Serena TeamTrack 6.3 Readme
4.0 Fixed in TeamTrack 6.3, Build 63016 (Windows and Solaris versions) Values are no longer cleared for all Mass Transitioned items when Numeric fields are placed on Mass Transition report forms but users do not provide a value for these field types when executing the report. When using the Search or Global Search features, users who specify Active, Inactive , or Either Choice no longer see incorrect results when modifying these search criteria using the Back to Search link. In systems that use an Oracle database, you are no longer able to select the Use the CLOB Data Type option for Text fields that you are modifying.
README: Serena TeamTrack 6.1 Transitions Firing for Principal Tasks Transitions on principal tasks now fire when their last sub-task is moved to an inactive state by user who is a member of a group that is restricted from executing the transition on the principal task. Inactive Auxiliary Items
PDF Microsoft Word - ssm_schema_doc
Active/ Inactive ACTIVEINACTIVE Binary/Trinary Manager Whether the item is active or inactive in its current state Description DESCRIPTION Text Standard Detailed information about the item Financial Approver FINANCIAL_APPROVER User Standard The financial approver for this cost center Title TITLE Text Standard Summary description of the item Service � Request � Auxiliary table to hold the location of the asset or the leasehold Field name Auxiliary table to hold cost centers and their approver Field name
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