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TEXT yum list postgres.txt
[root@stl-support dmsys ]# yum list *postgres* Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, langpacks Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: * extras: * updates:
MS-WORD SRA Agent.docx
Got the following I am running the following bin file on stl-sup-rh1 as dmsys [dmsys@stl-sup-rh1 tmp]$ ls -l *.bin
TEXT log installer 1222.txt
Script command is started on Wed Oct 8 10:03:59 DFT 2014. axqdigeb@ dmsys :/data/pkdimq01/Package_Dim12.2 # axqdigeb@ dmsys :/data/pkdimq01/Package_Dim12.2 # su root root's Password: axqdigeb@ dmsys :/data/pkdimq01/Package_Dim12.2 # setupDimensionsAIX64.bin -console Initializing InstallShield Wizard........ Extracting Bundled JRE.
PDF Java API with Eclipse
... ............................................. 2 Step 3: Configure and subscribe the DMSYS user ............................................. ...
CMS-XML Dim12: Directory ".DimensionsWebService\WEB-INF\attachments" is created in several locations
The customer has found that a directory named .DimensionsWebService\WEB-INF\attachments is being created in various locations for example logs, logs/debug, library in the home of DMSYS . What is the significance of this directory and can it be safely removed after a while?
CMS-XML RLM 2.0: Release Automation installation fails but there are no obvious errors in the Installation log
A Release Automation installation ran all the way through with no obvious problems but at the end it said that there were errors in C:\Documents and Settings\ dmsys \Local Settings\Temp\Install_Serena_Release_Automation\Serena_Release_Automation_Install_<n>_<n>_<n>_<n>_<n>_<n>.log. When looking at this log there were no obvious problems listed.
CMS-XML Dim: Email Notification Getting Started Tutorial
Step 2: Configure the email notification mechanism Step 3: Configure and subscribe the DMSYS user Step 4: Trigger email notifications
CMS-XML Dim12: Linux 64-bit License Server: createJob failed: -2
The following was reported when trying to login to Dimensions on a 64 bit Linux system (Centos in this case) [ dmsys @col-sc-linux ~]$ export DMDB=cm_typical@dim12 [dmsys@col-sc-linux ~]$ dmcli
CMS-XML KM-DIM-CM2009R2: Description of -restricted_mode parameter in listener.dat
The restricted mode parameter in the listener.dat file allows the running of a Dimensions CM listener as a non-root user. This might be desired if root is a locked down account and Dimensions should be run as another user, usually dmsys .
CMS-XML SRA: Agent installer will silently fail if silent mode options file is specified incorrectly
I can reproduce a customer issue, when I download and install the agent using [root@stl-sup-rh1 dmsys ]# ./SerenaRA-agent.bin -silent -options optionsFile.txt With the following options file
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