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CMS-XML How to set up RM to authenticate users using LDAP through SSL.
... name of your LDAP server. ... used by your LDAP server for SSL ... ... Netscape Certificate Name Check window, and ... ... on setting up LDAP server login) ... ... box to select LDAP as a Login ... ... 9. Select LDAP Servers tab and ... port under New LDAP Server, and ... ... . Select the LDAP Configuration tab and check the “Use ... ... to update the LDAP servers in your ... ... the location of LDAP certificates on either ... 14. Test the connection .
CMS-XML DimCM12: LDAP: User attempted to login to Dimensions - OS user check (FAILED)
When using Windows Active directory on a Linux Server with Dimensions CM, the login by a local user works fine but when trying to connect with an Active Directory username the follow message is displayed ** DMPOOL connect "Mon Sep 30 16:37:14 2013" (GMT) pid=3312 user="windows_user" node="accs7824" User attempted to login to Dimensions - OS user check (FAILED)
CMS-XML How to ignore erroneous SSL with LDAP errors when certificate appears correct. (Certificate common name does not match the host )
There may be a situation where the ssl certificate being used to make a secure LDAP connection appears to be valid by all accounts yet the test connect still won't work. You may see an error like the following in the Event Viewer as a result.
CMS-XML 2009Rx / 12.x : is it possible to stop/restart LDAP server without requiring to stop Dimensions listener first ?
it is not required to stop Dimensions listener first, simply during this time it won't be able to service any new connections
CMS-XML PVCS VM: How to Configure Version Manager to use LDAP over SSL (LDAPS)
You cannot access this project information because the bind username or password for the LDAP server Authentication is incorrect. Please verify the LDAP connection information or contact your PVCS Version Manager administrator for further assistance.
CMS-XML Certificate signature failure
If you are using LDAP with SSL, you might get authentication failure message when doing Test Connection from the SBM Configurator. "LDAP bind authentication failure with Search Authority-Bind: 81 Can't contact LDAP server" Please check the event viewer for the detailed message on this error.
CMS-XML KM-DIM-CM2009R2: Description of -restricted_mode parameter in listener.dat
It is possible to run a full server in restricted mode - as the non privileged user cannot access the dimensions registry.dat file and do other password checks LDAP authentication must be used in this case.
CMS-XML New Authentication Options in SBM Configurator
1 When Web SSO is used to gather credentials (via the SSO login form), Web service and API calls are authenticated by AE and once authentication succeeds, AE checks the SBM database to authorize users. 2 When users are authenticated using Windows Authentication (via the SSO Waffle filter) or a third-party (an external provider), AE handles authentication and user authorization for Web service calls for all cases except when SSO LDAP is used (SSO handles the authentication check with LDAP in that case).
HTML Merant PVCS Version Manager Readme
5.1 LDAP Connection /Authentication Fails
PDF Serena Collage Installation and Setup Guide
Choose LDAP or Serena Collage. If you choose LDAP , you can set up your LDAP connection once installation is complete, from the Collage Web client. See "Managing LDAP Settings" on page 82.
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