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CMS-XML How to manually uninstall / remove delete the Mashup Composer ?
This article is to describe how to manually remove a Mashup Composer install from a Windows OS when the uninstall is failing to do so. After following the steps below the machine should be completely clean of Mashup Composer and should allow for a new install.
CMS-XML Importing Release Control solution gives "Failed to extract the solution. You do not have permission to delete the obsolete snapshot"
Log into the Application Repository ( http://server:8085/mashupmgr ). Switch to the Privileges view. Select your user, and verify that you have all privileges, including Delete Process App , Delete App/Orch, and Break Lock.
CMS-XML How to clear entries from "Recent Process Apps" screen in Composer.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Serena\Studio\Common\Launch The list of items that start with "RecentApplicationX" are the apps that have recently been opened. Delete the "RecentApplicationX" entries for the ones you don't want to show in the list anymore.
CMS-XML Mapping the Custom Column Parameters to an Auxiliary Table (if upgrading from RLC 6.0 without importing the process app snapshots)
1. Open Release Package process app in Composer (if not already open) 2. Import the new extensions from Serena Central and do the following in Composer: i. You will need to delete "Request Collection Widget" extension and add the new version
CMS-XML Manually uninstall / remove / delete SBM
AppSight Black Box Serena Business Mashups Serena Mashup Composer
CMS-XML Creating External Mashup Events
For example, instead of using the <include> statement to reference the schema type definitions, the definitions are inserted directly into the WSDL file. In addition, derived datatypes are eliminated in favor of their base types, such as declaring a string definition as xsd:string. These changes make the WSDL usable by older SOAP Web service tools such as Microsoft® .NET
CMS-XML You don't have a permission.(Asset UUID:xx, action(s): publish)
If you can't see Global Process App from the list, ask another administrator with higher privilege to grant you the access If you are getting the above error when trying to import/upload Global Process App from another environment, check if you have the correct permission as the above steps. If correct permissions are in place, please delete the Global Process App snapshot in Snapshot tab and retry the operation.
CMS-XML RLC: Manual tasks are stuck at "In Progress" (Adding Callbacks for An Existing Manual Deployment Task Application)
If you are upgrading from Release Manager 5.1.1 and are updating the 5.1.1 Manual Deployment Task process app to work with Release Control 6.0, you will need to delete the orchestration calls. In the following process, these are labelled with (511 MT only).
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions check the other field sections or choose a new name. Could not delete process app {0}. + Could not delete notification token {0}.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions Could not delete process app {0}. Could not delete notification token {
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