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CMS-XML Configuring Mariner to use its own application pool
Right click on the MarinerAppPool, and choose Properties. On the Recycling tab, uncheck the “Recycle worker processes” option. Under Default Web Sites , right click on the Mariner virtual directory, and choose Properties.
CMS-XML How to create a customized home page for some SBM users based on the launch page
All requests that user has submitted To Do list (items that user owns ). All requests that are in specific state
CMS-XML SZIST05E LOAD macro failure for C'ULTIGBL0',R15-R1=x'00000004 7FFFBD50 00000806'.
Your site is not using one of the IOO startup options shipped which are K0 - K5. This is known because the global table used would be ULTIGBxx where xx=K0 - K5. Your site has elected to create your own options which is L0. If your site elects to use other than the shipped options, the installer will also need to be responsible for generating all the needed DCF, system and rules table suffixed with L0:
HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Release Notes
2.8 Deployment DEF66728: If you deploy two root deploy folders to different locations, and if each root deploy folder begins with the same string of characters (such as "website"), image references from one site to another may not be generated correctly. Specifically, if each site has its own external URL defined, the external URLs are not correctly appended to the image references.
PDF User’s Guide for Collage Contributor
Inserting or Editing a Form Text Area Purpose Complete this procedure to enter a text box which can display either retrieved content or allow site visitors to enter their own content for submission. To insert or edit a textarea:
PDF Introduction to Serena Collage
How to Insert or Edit a Form Text Area Purpose Complete this procedure to enter a text box which can either display retrieved content, or allow site visitors to enter their own content for submission. How to insert or edit a selection field:
CMS-XML How to change the Contact Support link
Under the Help menu, there is an option for Contact Support. If your company has their own help desk team, you may want to change this link to point to the help desk website .
CMS-XML VM: how to implement a clickjacking mitigation response header
Prior to VM 8.6.3, Version Manager does not implement anti-clickjacking features for the VM I-Net Web Client and the VM File Server Administration pages. If you need these features, and are not embedding any of these pages into your own iFrame, use the following instructions to enable anti-clickjacking.
CMS-XML Best Practice when maintaining SBM Environments. Copy database to another database.
In a typical system the Application Repository is shared between environments. It is best practice to put your Application Repository data in a database/schema separate from all others. For the purposes of this document, it is assumed that your Application Repository has been created in its own database and that all environments have been created using the Application Repository web site .
CMS-XML 5.5.1 TeamTrack Readme File
Next, Last, and All Links Returning Error Message in Multi-View Reports Users who generate a Multi-View report that includes either the "Built-in (All Tables): All Primary Items I Own " or "Built-in (All Tables): All Active Primary Items I Own " reports and have their Items Per Page
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