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CMS-XML Reference Name not always displayed
Reference Name not always displayed
CMS-XML IMS Log is always allocated, even if only read requested
IMS Log is always allocated, even if only read requested
CMS-XML Move members to target ==> YES should always be set to 'NO'
Move members to target ==> YES should always be set to 'NO'
CMS-XML Component History Deletion and Aging Process
When I run CMNBAT10 why is my component history metadata sometimes, not always , removed alongside its associated package data? This is despite all data aging criteria values being set to the same value in application admin?
CMS-XML Database driver to use for SQL Server
We always recommend using the latest driver for the version of database server being run. However, in this case of SQL Server 2014 and later, our experience causes us to recommend a driver newer than what was tested with some SBM versions. Using older drivers with SQL Server 2014 and later can cause stability issues.
CMS-XML Out of network users communicate with JBOSS on port 443
When a firewall is placed between the SBM server and the SBM user, it is not always possible to open JBOSS ports 8085, 8243 and 8343 to allow communication through the firewall. If the SBM JBOSS server (Application Repository, Orchestration Engine, SSO engine, etc.) is installed on a server without IIS or other web server, JBOSS can be setup to use the well-known ports of 80 and 443.
CMS-XML Limit MongoDB memory use on Windows without Virtualization
The below article has been copied for safekeeping from: I’ve seen the question of how to control MongoDB’s memory usage on Windows come up several times and the stock answer always seemed to be “you can’t – it uses memory-mapped files and if you want to limit resources you need to use some form of virtualization to do it (HyperV, VMWare, Virtuozzo etc…)”. If you are using MongoDB on a dedicated server then you generally want
CMS-XML SBM: How to upgrade SBM and move to a new Windows server at the same time
When you upgrade SBM, it is always important to make sure the new version is supported on the version of Windows you are running. For example if you have been running on a Windows 2008 Server for a long time and you want to upgrade SBM to the newest version, Windows 2008 Server is no longer supported. In this scenario, you can decide to upgrade your server to a newer version of Windows, but most customers choose to get a newer, faster server (physical or virtual) with more memory.
CMS-XML Using Projects on Demand with but keep getting prompted for a username and password.
When you use POD with Salesforce you should always login through and go into the POD planner. When you login through pod this way you shouldn't be prompted for a user name and password and it should just log you straight into the planner. It's possible that the login credentials need reset.
CMS-XML Supported transition type on SBM Mobile App
Customer may want to use mobile specific options in the SBM Composer like “ Always hide” for transitions in Workflow Design and for fields/controls in Visual Design However if there is a requirement to use Post Transition on Mobile App, there are a few options here: 1. Make the post transition as quick transition so it automatically launches the post
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