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CMS-XML DIM12.2.1: HPUX agent install - No Java Runtime Environment(JRE) was found on this system
Initializing InstallShield Wizard........ Verifying JVM. . No Java Runtime Environment ( JRE ) was found on this system.
CMS-XML SRA: Agent installation is not succeeding. Logs may indicate no jvm
SRA: Agent installation is not succeeding. Logs may indicate no jvm
CMS-XML SDA: The client browser does not require any Java or JRE
The SDA client does not require any Java or JRE in the browser. This applies to SDA versions 5.x and 6. SDA Servers, Agent Relays and Agents will require a JRE -- please refer to the documentation for the SDA version in question to determine acceptable version numbers for these components.
CMS-XML Resolving Common Problems Encountered while installing a DA Agent
Unexpected Problems Installing when you do not have full permissions on folder where install kit is located /tmp file system is configured noexec Error: Bundled JRE is not binary compatible with OS/Architecture
CMS-XML DA: Notes on agent upgrade or reinstallation
When an agent is upgraded using the GUI, the Agent's war file is upgraded, but the JRE used by the agent is not upgraded. If an agent has been deployed for some time and perhaps even upgraded a time or two, the JRE may be rather old. Sometimes it is desirable to update the bundled JRE, sometimes there are other reasons to upgrade an agent, such as a corrupt installation folder.
CMS-XML SRA: How to install and run an agent as a non root user on Linux/UNIX systems
This is a generic agent that does not include the JRE 2.
CMS-XML DA: How much disk space is required for an agent installation
The DA Agent 6.3.3 occupies less than 100MB of disk space on an agent when the installation is finished. However, when it is installed with its own JRE , the addition of the JRE takes the installation up to approximately 270+ MB.
CMS-XML DA: After Agent Upgrade the agent status shows a red box with message timed out
However, if many agents are upgraded from the server at one time, the server may be somewhat busy. The server has to provide agent installation media, and may have to download scripts and a new JRE for the agent . Depending on the performance of the database, the server and the network, it may take more time to upgrade a large group of agents than is allowed by the timer.
CMS-XML SRA: Remote agent is not connecting to the server
locked/agent.service.password=nopass serenaRA/java.home=C\:\\Program Files (x86)\\ Java \\ jre 7 The file has three properties where the server hostname/IP/port must be match those the server is listening on:
CMS-XML Agents don't appear online after a server upgrade to Deployment Automation version 6.1.1 or higher
: Some JRE's will also restrict the use of SSLv3. It may be worth checking the JRE used by Tomcat and the DA server. Within the JRE, navigate to: jre\lib\security.
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