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CMS-XML What causes a CMNBATCH User 23 (U0023) abend?
CMS-XML How do you find all reports that have been scheduled by a certain user? How do you disable scheduled reports for a specific user?
SELECT PES_Report.rpt_Name, PES_User.usr_UserName, PES_Report.rpt_Desc, PES_Report.rpt_UID AS Report_ID, PES_ReportSchedule.rpsc_ active as Is_ Active
CMS-XML How to find all reports that were created by users no longer in the system that still run on a schedule.
The following query, when run against the Mariner/PPM database, will show all scheduled reports that were created by an inactive user. SELECT PES_ReportSchedule.rpt_UID AS Report_ID, PES_Report.rpt_Name AS Report_Name, PES_ReportSchedule.rpsc_ active AS Active ,
CMS-XML S0C7 SERNTFYR+B82 in ZMF Server task after invalid user *.MSGS dataset allocated
CMS-XML Permit User Access to ZMF or Sernet Server Task JES Output
Some SerNet services may write messages as JES output, while running under the security environment of the logged on user. As such, if the JESSPOOL class is activated , all users must be allowed UPDATE access to any JESSPOOL profiles that control JES output produced by the started task.
CMS-XML How to set up associations between SBM records and PVCS Version Manager check in operations
has information on setting up SourceBridge while the "PVCS Version Manager User's Guide" has information on how users will associate records from TeamTrack/SBM with check in operations in VM. For more detailed information for the IDE Client using SCC, see the "PVCS Version Manager IDE Client Implementation Guide"
CMS-XML DimCM12: LDAP: User attempted to login to Dimensions - OS user check (FAILED)
When using Windows Active directory on a Linux Server with Dimensions CM, the login by a local user works fine but when trying to connect with an Active Directory username the follow message is displayed ** DMPOOL connect "Mon Sep 30 16:37:14 2013" (GMT) pid=3312 user="windows_user" node="accs7824" User attempted to login to Dimensions - OS user check (FAILED)
CMS-XML When I look at the Mariner users & groups screen why do a see blank lines with no user names?
This is most often seen when using LDAP ( Active Directory ) and there are objects being returned from the ldap filter that don't have values filled in for the First Name and Last Name field for certain entries. A good example is if the ldap filter is (objectClass=user) then you will see users that might not have first or last name attributes filled in in LDAP like the IUSR_Computername account for instance. If you want values filled in edit the entries in the LDAP server and you can put values in.
CMS-XML How to limit the number of users that get imported via LDAP in the Mariner/Agile Admin tool.
When setting up the LDAP Provider in the Mariner Admin tool one of the fields to fill in is the Domain/Filter option. The example below was done for Active Directory but the syntax if used as a reference should be close for other providers. We created a Security Group in Active Directory called Mariner_Group and simply added all the users that may be Mariner users to the group.
CMS-XML DimCM: SSO Server: Desktop Client will provide an error of PRG7700105E Error: Multiple users have been found in LDAP
The above can occur when there are multiple users who have similar sAMAccountNames when performing the search in LDAP or Active Directory. This is due to the SSO Configuration.xml file using the following to perform the lookup: <Setting Name="SearchFilter" Type="xsd:string">(&amp;(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=))</Setting>
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