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CMS-XML Fix for defect DEF188927 - VM SSO problems with SourceBridge
Fix for defect DEF188927 - VM SSO problems with SourceBridge
CMS-XML DIM CM: How to enable additional logging for Adminconsole and Web Client
Sometimes the normal Tomcat logging is not sufficient to troubleshoot a problem and more detailed logs are necessary.
CMS-XML DMCM: Admin Console and Web Client response is slow on AIX Servers
In some instances, when selecting links and objects in Admin Console and Web Client on AIX, there is a noticeable lag and apparent performance problem .
CMS-XML VM 8.6.2+: PVCS Web Client Agent Initialization hangs at WAITING FOR AGENT CONNECTION
In order to help diagnose possible problems with the agent, please raise a new case on the support portal and attach a ZIP file with the full content of folders: %USERPROFILE%\.pvcs\wca_logs %USERPROFILE%\.pvcs\wca_problems
CMS-XML VM I-Net Web Client users keep experiencing a Java plugin crash in Firefox after upgrading to Firefox 42 or newer
This is a general problem running Java applets in Firefox 42 and beyond, resulting from Mozilla tightening the plugin security as of that update. A bug in the Oracle Java plugin causes it to crash under these circumstances.
CMS-XML DIM2009R2: Web Client: Unix/Linux: Print Preview of requests in Web Client doesn't work
To get around this problem download the attached file, toolbar.file or
CMS-XML VM I-Net Web Client: How to change the location where the Version Manager Applet code gets extracted into
To avoid the need for Administrative privileges, these files get extracted to the user's temp folder by default and are executed from there. In some configurations, anti-virus software prevents code in the temp folder from being executed. How can I change the location where the applet code gets extracted into to avoid this problem ?
CMS-XML How to setup an Apache Reverse Proxy to access a VM I-Net Web Client server running VM 8.6.1 or newer
# For reverse proxy debugging you can enable trace level of logging and # troubleshoot problems via regular global log files #LogLevel warn rewrite:trace6
CMS-XML How to preserve Path Map settings and the VM I-Net applet configuration when upgrading Version Manager or moving to a different server
Preserving File Server Settings file with one from a different version of Version Manager. Doing so can cause problems , for example compromising new features added to support RIDE performance improvements.
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: Addressing General Oracle Performance Problems for a Dimensions database
In order to track the problem, it is best to start with characterizing the problem. Try to determine if the problem occurs for all users, all Dimensions clients (desktop, dmcli, developers command line, web client , etc.). Does the problem occur for all transactions? Or perhaps only in some databases or some projects. Perhaps the problem is only apparent with change request displays or when browsing items or baselines.
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