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CMS-XML "Request to Test" mashup - the installation of QC requires SQL Server Express Advanced and will not work with version delivered with SBM
Please note that step 2 of the "Request to Test" Mashup requires that you create new field in Quality Center. This step will fail if QC is installed on the SQL Server Express database supplied with SBM. It requires the Advanced Edition which is freely downloadable instead.
CMS-XML Trying to edit the Global Mashup in Composer but don't see it in the Application Repository as an option to open.
Login to the SBM Application Administrator web interface. Click on the Environments link in the Deployment Section Open the Environment you wish to pull the Global Mashup from.
CMS-XML How to select a tab based on a field value in Business Mashups
Step by step Open your Mashup Composer and go to your form visual design. Get the control name of each tab of your tab container control. Go to the JavaScript section and paste the following script:
CMS-XML SBM Upgrades from Versions Prior to 2009 R4
For upgrades from 2008 R1.05 JA, get each existing process app from Application Administrator using the Get Process App From Application Engine command, open the process app from the repository in SBM Composer, and then redeploy the process app. Pre-upgrade Steps
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions check the other field sections or choose a new name. version ="904000514" resname="IDS_ERR_DELETE_MASHUP_FAILED">Could not delete process app {0}. + version ="1013000002" resname="IDS_ERR_DELETE_NOTIFICATION_TOKEN">Could not delete notification token {0}.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions MASHUP_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_NAMESPACE"> Process app {0} does not exist (in user's namespace). Error Invoking event: no extension name provided, but there is extension data. @@ -891,8 +897,10 @@
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions diff -rwu -X ./excludes.txt ./SBM 2009 R4.04/browser/webadmin/platform/systemmgmt/mashups-view.xml ./SBM 2009 R4.05/browser/webadmin/platform/systemmgmt/ mashups -view.xml
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions The process app''s schema version {0} is not supported. Please use SBM Composer to load and update the process app to the supported version {1}, deploy it again and then it can be exported.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions version="904000514" resname="IDS_REPORTS_NOSUBMITDATEINTABLE">The primary table doesn't contain Submit Date field. Please add Submit Date field to the table in SBM Composer and deploy the process app again. - version ="71052" resname="IDS_REPORTS_NOTCONTAINS">not contains
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions version ="71052" resname="IDS_PRIV_VIEWWORKFLOW">View Workflow Graphically version ="904000514" resname="IDS_PROCESS_NAME"> Process App Name version ="71052
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