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Such configurations are considered “unconfirmed” because they have not been designed for or tested against. The Serena support organization will accept issues that are reported in unconfirmed configurations but we reserve the right to request customer assistance in problem determination, including recreating the problem on a supported configuration. Reported defects that are unique to an unconfirmed configuration or not reproducible within a supported environment will be addressed at the discretion of Serena with no guarantee of resolution.
CMS-XML SQL Server deadlock errors during simultaneous deployments by unique users in clustered JBoss environment
To work around this problem, consult your DBA for assistance, and run the following SQL Query against each database that interacts with Serena Common JBoss. (If you decided to use a single database for all components, execute the SQL against that database).
CMS-XML New IOO customers and trials converting from another optimization software product
If necessary, contact IOO technical support for assistance with the required conversion.
CMS-XML DimCM14.5.2: AdminConsole: Last login date does not display in the published views
The current workaround is to create a new view in the database so that the data can be pulled from the database directly. Please contact Support if assistance is needed on how to create the view.
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF REST Services 8.2 Patch 2 Hotfix 1
ZMF environment until it is officially changed to 'Generally Available' (GA) status. b) Customers who are on the EAP and need assistance or wish to report an issue are expected to have the latest Hotfix version applied before doing so.
CMS-XML DIM10: Changing the SDP Port number (671) used by Dimensions Build 10.x
This document assumes that you have already made the changes necessary for the Admin Console and Web Client to work with the alternate port number and just need to make the additional changes to get Build to also use the alternate port number. If you need assistance making changes to Dimensions SDP please see document S133283 "DIM10: What files must be modified if port 671 is not available for the SDP connector in Dimensions 10.x?"
CMS-XML SBM 2009 R4 (and prior): How to generate new signed certificate trust keys for SBM and copy them to additional servers as needed (Renew SSO certificates)
If you encounter this error message prior to September 21st, 2010 (19:12:17 GMT), please contact Support for further assistance (the cause of the error is not related to SSO certificate expiration). Do I Need to Replace My Certificates? -------------------------------------
CMS-XML Error 1720 upgrading from SDA 6.1 to SDA 6.1.1
INSTALL_CTVersion= INSTALL_JavaHome=C:\Program Files\Serena\common\jre\8.0 If this does not solve the problem, you can uninstall and reinstall SDA, or contact Serena Support for additional assistance.
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: Addressing General Oracle Performance Problems for a Dimensions database
Where <basedb1> and <basedb2> are the two base databases. The Showdbdiffs command will compare all tables, table columns, indices, index columns, constraints and views between the two databases listed and produce a report of differences. Whenever there are indices that are missing or if there is uncertainty, please contact Serena Support for additional assistance in interpreting the report results and in formulating corrective steps.
CMS-XML After upgrading CPX, get error 14 +++ IMADYNA=CPXLPRF(INAME,IKIND)
X - EXIT - Exit Press HELP KEY for tutorial assistance at any point; Enter END Command to terminate SERENA COMPAREX/ISPF 8.6.2 (2009/254).
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