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CMS-XML Error: All named licenses are in use
In environments where a license key file contains named user licenses are in use, a user.lst file may be used to record which users have access to the named user licenses .
CMS-XML Error in System Administrator "No license for External User"
You can check to see if you have any External Users by opening up the System Administrator> Users tab> At the bottom left select the "show External Users." If you have External Users listed then check in the License Manager to see if you have any External Licenses . If there isn't any External Licenses in the License Manager you will need to obtain one. First, you can check the Serena Support website under the Licensing tab to see if you (Customer serial number) is entitled to one.
CMS-XML EVAL license fails with a new installation of SBM
Licensing error using EVAL license when port 80 is in use.
CMS-XML Generate SSL certificate for the AutoPass License Server (APLS) - SBM 12 Licensing
The SBM 12 licensing server, AutoPass License Server (APLS), is accessed over HTTPS. Out of the box, APLS does not have a valid SSL certificate for the machine it is running on, so accessing the server via HTTPS will yield certificate errors and prevent the SBM server from acquiring a license . This document shows two ways to install a valid SSL certificate.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: ChangeMan Builder license has expired
This error message means that the user needs a Remote Build License in addition to his generic Build License , which is for the Build Knowledgebase server. The Build Server install, which is the Remote Build Server, should only be installed on the machine being used to execute the build if it is different from the user's local workstation.
CMS-XML Get message "There are no more available seats for this license" when adding users to a license and screen shows some remaining.
If you get this error and still have the .pel license file sent to you by Serena, open the Mariner Adminstration tool and login to the database in question. Click the Add License link and navigate to the .pel
CMS-XML LIC0028W and LIC0049W Warning Messages
When running any Serena mainframe product that uses SER10TY 4.x (i.e. XML) license keys, users are liable to see the following warning messages: LIC0028W System capacity (nnn MSU) exceeds limit for <product> license (nnn MSU), within warning range. LIC0049W <product> allowed to continue with license validation errors .
CMS-XML Error messages shown by Serena products that require SLM 2.2.0 when an older SLM server is being used
When these products are used with an older SLM release, users will not be able to obtain a license . What follows is a list of error messages that could be seen in such scenarios.
CMS-XML After upgrade to Serena License Manager 2.2 licenses show count of 0
Check the SerenaLicenseServer.log for errors . An Invalid license key
CMS-XML SLM: How do I activate my license for, or move (rehost) my existing license keys to a new license server?
Simply copying the licenses from the old system, or not doing anything after a virtual machine is moved, will render the existing licenses invalid. Without valid licenses the SLM server cannot launch, and as result products trying to use this sever will throw errors like:
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