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CMS-XML Dim: How to set up deployment trace
1. Stop the Dimensions CM Listener Service 2. Edit the file $DM_ROOT\ dfs \deploy_config.dat and make the following changes 3. Modify the line: #log_dir=c:/temp/ by removing the # and ensuring the on the CM Server that the directory specified exists and is writeable for all users
CMS-XML DM913 - dmpool not creating logs and failing to start with dynamic link error
Dimensions refused to login Dmpool not creating logs in the dfs folder but dmlibsrv can create logs
CMS-XML Dim12: dmdeploysrv process exists but deployment not working
1) First check the file %DM_ROOT%\ dfs \deploy_config.dat. Ensure that the variables for database, host and dmuser are correct. Also, if one of these three is enumerated (as in database_1, database_2) then all three variables should be enumerated.
CMS-XML Dim14: Deploy: Is there a way to not allow Dimensions Deploy to create and/or delete directories within the deployment areas?
With newer releases of Dimensions, and 14.1.0.x, this is now possible with the addition of an xml in the <$DM_ROOT>\cm\ dfs directory.
CMS-XML DIM: Mail: Dmemail process does not start when the Dimensions Listener is started
DMEMAIL: EML0011101D auto: dmemail autoscheduling starting DMEMAIL: EML0011048D Processing config C:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 14.1\CM\ dfs /email_config.dat DMEMAIL: auto: next event target time = 20150601152500
CMS-XML Dim12.1: Dmstartup and Dmshutdown are not responding even if the listener trace is turned on
The issue is down to the -service symbol in $DM_ROOT/ dfs /listener.dat
MS-WORD S141322 Dim14 Upgrade Checklist.docx
$DM_ROOT\cm\dm.cfg $DM_ROOT\cm\ dfs directory $DM_ROOT\cm\prog directory*
CMS-XML Dim: How to install server only, with an existing schema, on UNIX/Linux
2. Post installation the dfs /listener.dat,, dfs/depoly_config.dat and dfs/daemon_config.dat will need to be manually edited to reflect the database information
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Upgrade to 9.1.3 - Unable to access all the clients. "Failed to Start Dimensions server process"
Renamed (backup) existing registry.dat file in dfs . Performed dmpasswd to add user dmsys and basedbs.
CMS-XML Dim 14: When promoting a baseline the Deployment Automation job remains submitted
Ensure the file %DM_ROOT%\ dfs \deploy_config.dat contains correct information. In one possible instance the deployment had been configured for another base database, hence deploy_config.dat needs to be modified. For example, modify the following line from:
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