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CMS-XML Dim10: How to implement a file policy checker trigger
2. Parse the checked out file to see if it meets the policy 3. If the policy is not met then an external Dimensions command is called that will delete the newly checked in revision or a Action Item command is run to move it into an off-normal state . 4. If the policy is met then nothing is done by the trigger
CMS-XML CM 14.3.2: SDA deployment issues: Deployments remain submitted or cannot be executed
When configuring CM to run SDA deployments using a specific base database and a pre-existing SDA installation that was not installed as part of the CM server installation two problems occurred. 1. Although the SDA deployment application and application process could be configured successfully in Admin Console , all deployment jobs remained at the state SUBMITTED. 2. Once the first issue was resolved the deployment jobs were submitted and the SDA component versions were being imported but an error was returned when trying to run the application process.
CMS-XML CM: Role capabilities - Leader, Primary and Secondary
Add and edit existing action descriptions Action the object to the next lifecycle state If you assign the leader capability, then the remaining users can only:
CMS-XML DimCM: Listener.dat settings
Specifying zero disables the functioning of this parameter, allowing an unlimited number of attempts to be made to pass an authentication point. To assist customers working in an environment where verification of a user's identity is required as part of the process, Dimensions CM offers authentication facilities for "sensitive" changes to an object's lifecycle state and attributes, improved audit trail generation, and new reporting facilities.
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009R2 - SQL Server 2005 - New Install Fails
Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Server SERENA-IXRJWKB6, Line 74 ... A database name of DB2009R2 will allow the installation to complete normally . ... 1) Uninstall Dimensions CM 2009R2 server. 2) Delete the database that did not get created correctly (in this example, the 2009R2 database).
PDF Tutorial: Install, setup and use the Jenkins Plugin for Dimensions CM Pre-requisites
... ROOT%\ cm \java_ ... ... on the Save button at the very ... ... Add build step button ... on the Save button at the bottom ... ... Build Sources into Dimensions CM ... Jenkins1 in Dimensions CM , using the ... Delete the file: ... ... Project to use Dimensions CM ... on the Advanced button for this section ... the Check Connection button to ensure the ... Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Save button , to save all the changes made. 3 This is because Jenkins will use its own temporary area for receiving incoming Dimensions CM files and use that workspace to perform any builds.
CMS-XML How to create and update the SSO STS certificate in Dimensions CM
... Generate Keypair’ button (as shown ... ... Export Certificate’ button to export the ... ... "Apply" button to restart IIS ... ... file to the Dimensions CM machine (for ... On Dimensions CM machine delete the existing STS ... keytool - delete -keystore "C:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 12.2\Common Tools\tomcat\6.0\alfssogatekeeper\conf\truststore.jks" -alias sts ... create a backup of “C:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 12.2\ CM \dfs\sts.pem”
PDF Dimensions CM Pulse Running the WhiteSource Expert
... your software development lifecycle and detects all ... ... and Projects Like Dimensions CM projects are organized ... ...  Click the button Add Project Specify ... ... products such as Dimensions CM experts. ... Dimensions Server ( CM 1) ... //< cm 2 hostname> ... ... and click the button Add Expert and ... ... Click the Debug button and something similar ... ... the browser back button under Experts expand ... ... the Ultimate Guide to Pulse Experts: cm -14-pulse-experts-the-ultimate-guide
MS-WORD SSL Certificate with own CA Certificate with SBM SSO Server.docx
... Manage Trusted Certificates button . ... in the new CM Server Certificate. ... If a previous CM Server certificate is shown, delete this from the ... ... certificates of the CM Server if they ... On the Dimensions CM Server: ... _ROOT\ cm \dfs\ ... ... _ROOT\ cm \dfs\ ... ... _ROOT\ cm \CA\ ... ... _ROOT\ cm \CA\ ... ... _ROOT\ cm \CA\ ... ... _ROOT\ cm \dfs\ ... ... _ROOT\ cm \dfs\ ... Deleting from a keystore ... Keytool – delete –alias <aliasname> -keystore <path to keystore and filename> -storepass <keystore password>
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... - // Delete each cookie with ... ... time_capture button { @@ ... ... td.time button { + margin ... ... per_day button { . buttons . buttons button {float: ... ... td.time button { +margin ... ... per_day button { margin- ... ... time_capture button { @@ ... ... td.time button { + margin ... ... per_day button { . buttons . buttons button {float: ... ... td.time button { +margin ... ... per_day button { margin- ... ... .fc- button ... type=" button "],
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