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CMS-XML How to modify the subject line of an outgoing item email
The resulting email a user receives when you send one out from an item is composed by two different template files which both construct your email's subject line. ... This line is what pre-populates the subject field that you see when you go to send an email from an item . ... The resulting auto-generated subject line you should see would resemble something like this: ... No matter what templates you change, be sure to backup your existing ones and perform a "Put files into Database" in the System Administrator after saving the changes.
CMS-XML Change the Text Color of Inactive Items
The example below demonstrates how to change the color of inactive items to red. ... 4. From SBM System Administrator , select ... 5. Stop and start your Web server and clear your browser cache for the change to take effect .
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: File Get hangs on the Results dialog; Add Item Results dialog flashes but fails.
When trying to Get File through Web Client, the results dialog hangs. When trying to Add Item through Web Client, the Results dialog flashes and disappears, but item is not added.
CMS-XML Use of KEY parameter with data compare (as in POSTINST job) results in incorrect results
If using the KEY parameter, data compare can result in the last record not compared. Sample of the control parameters can be found in the CPX.IFACE(POSTINST) job. Refer to DEF296274 for a detailed description of the problem.
PDF 11019202a0ae7e6015d7a836d3a00701d#SDA 6.1.4 WebServices DA Tutorial.pdf
 Click the output log  A result summary will be displayed informing us that the results have been written to the property steps: SDA 6.14 Web Services Plugin Tutorial Page 6
PDF Using WSO2 Data Services Server with Serena Business Mashups
3. Use the "Try this service" page to ensure that the DataServiceExampleForSBM data service works. Note: The " Try this service" page should return XML result sets, where each element name is prefixed with the namespace prefix datas 2 (for example,
HTML Template Content Differences
  <> 145 $SLS(swc.slaitemspanel.results, Results ): 0
CMS-XML Calendar feed report only contains 1000 items maximum
This maximum value can be configured in the System Administrator under Settings>Display
CMS-XML If you have multiple web servers pointing to the same SBM database and you deploy does each web server get refreshed?
Yes SBM maintains a counter in the database and on the cache refresh interval (configured in the System Administrator ) each of the web servers checks with the DB to see if it needs to refresh.
CMS-XML Submit date in Work Center search results shows as UTC date instead of local date.
If you do a search in Work Center the submit date will show as part of the search results. If the submit date that displays shows in UTC time but when you actually open the item the submit date field shows the correct local time see the following workaround.
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