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CMS-XML Get the following error in the browser when opening or submitting an item. "The item could not be found."
Open the ODBC datasource screen in Windows which is usually in the Administrative Tools area Go to the System DSN tab and just verify that your new ODBC connection is using the driver called "ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server" If it's not using that driver you can manually create one on that screen and select the driver then open configurator and point to the new ODBC Connection.
CMS-XML Database Clients and Drivers for SBM
If you have been using your own DSN prior to the upgrade and it is configured with the deprecated driver, nothing is changed after the upgrade; however, the driver is uninstalled by SBM. This means you will need to either use the default SBM_AE ODBC or manually update your DSN to use the Oracle Client ODBC driver after the upgrade process is finished.
MS-WORD Using an Oracle instant client 19.x CM server installation.docx
Firstly, after installing the Oracle instant client, which should contain the sqlplus binary, add the location to the PATH system environment variable. Verify that you can connect to your remote Oracle instance using the sqlplus command, for example “sqlplus system/password@ dsn ”.
CMS-XML SSM832 Getting an S878 Abend running through the DEMO Option processes
At no stage was I informed that there should be a REGION= parameter in the job card. ... notice no COND or IF ABEND processing to check for errors in previous steps. ... 6 Define a Group - Define a Group for tracking LPARa DSN's
CMS-XML Error "InitExtension Failed" when accessing SBM (TeamTrack or Business Mashups)
Database could not be verified ... the Web server could not communicate with the ... ... using the same DSN to connect to ... ... this means IIS is not configured correctly; ... ... for "Database could not be verified " in the ... ... , be sure to check that the rights ... sometimes, Windows will not correctly assign rights ... License Server Could Not Be Contacted ... the License Server could not be reached at ... ... on that server isn't running. Check that the error ... ... type of license is not available, this ... , the system could not find an available ...
CMS-XML Dim: How to manually create Oracle user PCMS_SYS and what Oracle privileges are required
In other scenarios, the user may not yet exist. To check for the presence of the PCMS_SYS user type the following commands: $ sqlplus system/<system_password>@< dsn >
CMS-XML DimCM: Listener.dat settings
- dsn Default cm_ ... ... source name ( DSN ) to use ... ... connection parameter - dsn for identifying the ... ... node authentication credentials are not used— that ... NOTE You must additionally ensure that the service that is specified by -service (which is pcms_sdp by default) utilizes a port number of 1025 or higher rather than the default of 671.
CMS-XML Restrictions and recommendations on use of NULLFILE promotion shadow libraries
... the Shadow Library dataset name if you wish ... ... , overlay messages will not show a ' ... but there is no promotion history) ... The general design around use of NULLFILE promotion shadow datasets has not changed for many years and dates back to pre-ChangeMan ... Wherever possible we recommend that customers define shadow libraries for their promotion environments to ensure that optimum behaviour is obtained
CMS-XML Dim12: AIX6: Upgrading from Dimensions CM 2009R2 to 12.2.2 fails with an error of Failure running chmod in setNativeFileAttributes
1. Install 12.2.2 to a new location, as a new installation rather than an upgrade, also specify that you do not want to install the database, only the binaries. ... 4. Edit and ensure the DM_ROOT variable points to the 12.2.2 location ... 6. Run DMDBA system/<password>@< dsn >
CMS-XML DimCM: Install: Unix: How to install the Dimensions Server Core Files only on UNIX/Linux platforms
... 2 - I do not accept the terms ... ... 2 - I do not accept the terms ... If you don't know the location of your License Server, ... a. The - dsn line should read your basedatabase@SID name similar to the following: - dsn cm_typical@dim14 ... NOTE: To verify that you have the correct Oracle password for the basedatabasename, try and log into SQLPlus similar to the following: ... file does not exist, run the following: ... 6. At this point, start your services to verify that you are able to log into Dimensions CM.
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