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Article Support Platform Matrix for Serena Products
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the supported client-side and server-side information, including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, Serena product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths.
CMS-XML z/OS console is flooded with CSV002I error messages while mass XML is running
The following error message is flooding the console when mass XML is executed. CSV002I REQUESTS FOR MODULE SERMXENU EXCEED MAXIMUM USE COUNT Customer is issuing thousands of XML calls via SERXMLAC to a 5.6.0 ZMF task.
CMS-XML CMNSRCPP abends with S378-24 running on z/OS 2.5
This issue is resolved in ZMF 8.2 Patch 6. An 8.2 Patch 5-compatible hotfix is available here . The same fix addresses both the S378-24 and SA78-10 abends.
CMS-XML RC(-3) invoking DSNREXX from CMN ZMF ISPF Skeleton
After research we found that IBM have the following issue documented on their website: OA47890: COMMAND FAILURES IN PANELS OR SKELETONS EMBEDDED REXX AFTER APPLYING PTFS UA76177 OR UA75804 This explicitly lists the DSNREXX environment as one of the specialized environments affected by this problem after the listed fixes were first introduced in z/OS 1.13 and 2.1.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Users unable to create new package components containing national characters (L10N/I18N)
Problem recreated running ZMF4ECL 8.2.5 HF 7 Build 573 running against a ZMF 8.2 Patch 5 Server. The problem does not affect new dataset members created under the z/OS Data Sets folder running the same ZMF 4ECL build.
CMS-XML System Managed Buffers (SMB) for ChangeMan ZMF VSAM Master Files
“With direct optimization, use this subparameter to instruct VSAM whether to defer writing of changed buffers to the medium until either the data set is closed or the buffers are required for some other request. See z/OS DFSMS Using Data Sets for further details on using SMBDFR.”
CMS-XML Failures communicating with ZMF 8.1.2 Servers using older ZMF4ECL clients
java.vendor=Oracle Corporation BootLoader constants: OS =win32, ARCH=x86_64, WS=win32, NL=en_US Framework arguments: -product org.eclipse.epp.package.jee.product
CMS-XML RLC: When attaching a ZMF Change Package as a Release Package Deployment Unit, Application says "Loading..."
Release Control uses the Mainframe connector to communicate between the distributed and mainframe operating systems . Verify that the Tomcat instance that is hosting the Mainframe Connector is running.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Problems creating new package components
A customer has reported the following issues when attempting to create new package components in the ChangeMan Explorer view running ZMF 4ECL 8.2 Patch 3 Hotfix Build 512 (issue persists in ZMF 4ECL 8. 2 Patch 4 GA Build 539): a) when creating a new package component of a library type that contains a relatively large number of baseline components (e.g. c.60,000) the request hangs for a significant time and eventually fails with the following error in the customer's environment:
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4 Db2 Option: Required migration job DB2ALTER missing from early versions of documentation
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