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CMS-XML SBM: Rest Grid connecting to ZMF Connector returns error 500
CMNX004I CMNENTFY Port: IP Address: CMNX000I CMNENTFY Error - Port or IP address not found CMNX000I CMNENTFY Error - Event Notification Task Exiting
CMS-XML Unexplained disconnection from Server task for ZMF4ECL users
out and disconnected from the Server task in a much shorter period. For one example, a user's ZMF 4ECL Notification view shows that they submitted a promotion job at 11:55 which
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF, excessive GRS memory usage and related issues
In ZMF 8.1.2 (and some environments, ChangeMan ZMF altered the way in which it handled ‘third party notification’ messages. These are messages that are sent by the ZMF Server started task to ‘third parties’ who have not instigated the action that resulted in the message being issued. For example, checkout conflict notification messages caused by a concurrent checkout requested by a different user.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Dataset allocation failures
If trace options are enabled, the user does not receive this pop up but a message stating the following can be seen in the .log file and both the Notifications and Error Log views:
CMS-XML ZMF Plugin: Audit Package gives error "org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: jobCard02 cannot be null"
CMS-XML Maintenance of ChangeMan ZMF Impact Analysis Table
c) whenever changes are made to baseline library definitions, customers must always run the IMPACT and LDSLOAD jobs. The suggestion to regularly run IMPACT/LDSLOAD is simply as a ‘safety net’ to cover any baseline library changes that may have slipped through.
CMS-XML ZMF 8.1 Passticket validation for protected userids
Any step that required to connect back to the ChangeMan, on the other LPAR, was getting this error. CA support suggested that they add the Passticket to the LID record. This successfully resolved the issue for them.
CMS-XML CMN15 installation jobs hang or loop following upgrade to ZMF
Some customers upgrading to ZMF 8.1.1 or have reported issues with the CMN15 distribution job hanging or looping. In extreme cases, this problem has a negative performance impact on the ZMF task and the lpar hosting ZMF. Due to the impact of this problem, Serena recommends you apply the hotfix attached to this escalation.
CMS-XML Urgent maintenance required for all customers upgrading to ZMF 8.1.3.
Due to the potentially severe impact of these issues, Serena requires that customers apply the 8.1.3 hotfix attached to this solution. The fixes can be applied at any time to resolve the issues. We recommend doing so at the earliest opportunity in order to minimise any discomfort or data loss that the problems may cause.
CMS-XML When click on Test Connection, get "Error! Could not connect to ZMF server"
By default, this log can be found in C:\Program Files\Common\tomcat\6.0\logs. Scroll to the bottom of the file to see the more recent messages. Search the KB for these specific messages for additional help .
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