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PDF User’s Guide for Collage Contributor
... To change which user interface opens by default ... ... Preferences" on page 18. ... whether you are prompted to select a ... each time you login or whether you are automatically logged in to a preselected ... ... me at every login : To select ... each time you login . ... each time you login . ... Shows a summary page after failed or ... * Always: Shows a summary page after every action. * Never: Prevents a summary page from appearing after any action, except when errors occur. Default Collage View Specifies which Collage user interface to open after you log in and choose a project.
CMS-XML With successful login via SSO, I am still prompted for password in another application
When the user goes to the RM web page , the SSO server will look for an existing common domain cookie for that user. However, it will not know to look under, so it will not find the login and prompt the user with an SSO login page.
CMS-XML SBM Web pages hang on blank page or "Please wait while loading" page
Bringing up the Mashups user interface gets to the log in page , but after logging in , the page goes blank and nothing more ever loads. When accessing Mashup Manager, it remains on the "Please wait while loading" page, never getting to the login.
CMS-XML Browser interface is BLANK without an error, however, "Unable to find template.." in Application Event Viewer
In this case, there may be customized template files, including wrapper.htm. After doing "Put Files Into Database", restart IIS, browser get the normal login page again.
CMS-XML Looking at the Report Server Manager page there isn't a Contents or Properties tab.
... Report Server Manager page . ... /reports/ pages /folder. ... If you get prompted for a username and password when you go to the report server manager then that mean that anonymous access hasn't been enabled for both the "reports" and "reportserver" virtual directories. ... On the server you installed SQL Server Reporting Services, log on to Reporting Services as an administrator. Navigate to http://servername/reports/ pages /folder.aspx .
CMS-XML Does SBM work with Single Sign On SSO
... and is automatically logged in to every other ... ... after the first login . ... presented with a login page After signing in to SBM, ... the Dimensions CM web page . ... was required to login to Windows and then log in again to SBM ... ... can also mean log in once to the ... presented with a log in prompt by Serena products ... ... that the user signed on to a Serena ... ... presented with a log in prompt when starting a ... The idea here is to protect Serena's Single Sign On logon page with a web filter agent from one of these other products ...
CMS-XML How can I create a link that will take me straight to the Submit form in a SBM application?
You could put this link in an email or a link on a web page to make it easier for users to submit items into SBM. When the user clicks the link they will still be prompted for the usual login credentials for SBM but once submitted should be taken straight to the submit form.
CMS-XML How do you export SBM system reports to Excel that don't have the export to excel icon when run?
... and password if prompted ... of the SBM UI In the browser click the File drop down and choose "Save As" or the equivalent in your browser to save the page as a HTML file on your desktop. If you're using IE choose the " Web Page Complete" option in the Save As dialog. ... Open the web page that you just saved on your desktop in your browser and copy the url it's using. ... In the Address box paste the url to the local saved web page and click Go. The page probably won't look any different.
CMS-XML Dim: BUILD how to debug: Internal SPI error: ( at merant.adm.dimensions.exception.RPCCmdExceptionHandler.throwException
... /index? page =content& ... Check the following using a dmcli login from the server: 1. They can run an auth to the remote node as the user defined for the area in Adminconsole (see commandline reference Guide for auth command syntax or type help auth from the dmcli prompt ) 2. They can run an rexec to the remote node as the user defined for the area in Adminconsole ( page =content&id=S140107 )
CMS-XML Users unable to get into Work Center due errors "Unable to validate user" and "Error: Not Found" and "Error static Top : Not Found"
Error: invalid response received from sls server - ensure that JBoss is running and finished starting up before accessing Application Engine browser interfaces . ... Wait until you are able to open the SBM Application Repository login page (URL: http://MyServer:8085/mashupmgr/ )
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