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CMS-XML Service Desk "Required Date" field in the overview section of the state form is in dd/mm/yyyy format.
When you look at the Overview field in the Service Desk state forms the Required Date value may display in dd/mm/yyyy format. If you would like this to display in mm/dd/yyyy format make the following change in the SRC Starter Pack Forms app.
CMS-XML Binary/Trinary fields cannot be set to "Required". Form Action "make field required/optional" does not list binary fields. Deploy fails with "failed to validate and cannot be deployed" after an upgrade
... , when a field is required and it is empty, the field displays as red. If the field is required and not empty, the field displays as green. ... /no binalry field called "needs ... ... SBM, my form had a rule ... make Needs Approval field required ". When the form loaded, the ... Needs Approval" field would ALWAYS be ... This is because the "Needs Approval" field will always be yes or no. ... Because the field will always be green, there is no value or benefit to the form to create such an action.
CMS-XML Federal Employee Time Off process app submit form shows all fields as required.
Please supply a value for the 'Accrued Annual Leave Begin Date' field . Please supply a value for the 'Accrued Annual Leave End Date' field. Please supply a value for the 'Accrued Annual Leave Total Hours' field.
CMS-XML How can I make the New Note field be required or hide it on a form via javascript
The new note element can be affected via javascript using "_NEW_NOTE_" for the field name. Examples: MakeFieldRequired("_NEW_NOTE_");
HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Release Notes
2.11 LDAP and Security DEF91774: If you log in to Collage using case that is different than what is defined in LDAP, the following error appears when you upload a document for which metadata fields are required from the Content | Contribution view : ... In a multi-domain environment, LDAP will return the user references in child domains in the form of a URL to the entity.
PDF Database Administrator’s Guide
... either obtain the required disk space ( ... PROF – Display User’s Profile Information ... ... - [/ ATTRIBUTES =(site ... <workset_spec> The specification (in the form
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
... 6 To define attributes for the tag ... click the Define Attributes button to display the Define Attribute (s) ... ... , enter an attribute name and default ... optionally select the Required check-box ... make this a required attribute . ... to store the form options in a ... ... users to add forms to a rich ... 3 Under Internal Actions Attributes , do any of the following: Task Action Only allow contributors to direct form actions at assets in contribution folders. Allow contributors to direct form actions at assets in any deploy folder, as allowed by the Working folder options.
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
... 1 if the field is required . ... it is not required . ... in which the field should appear in ... TS_TABNAME varchar(16) 60003 Browser application tab display . ... TS_HEADERHTML longvarchar 71009 Html to be added before every Form rendered for this application. TS_FOOTERHTML longvarchar 71009 Html to be added after every Form rendered for this application. ... TS_AFFECTEDID int 62002 If the value of TS_AFFECTEDTYPE is TS_STACTION_AFFECT_FIELDITEMS, then this is the TS_ID of the affected field .
CMS-XML What does the required field indicator mean on the Timesheet Settings | Detail Configuration screen?
This seems to indicate that these fields are required by the end user to fill in but what it really means is these two fields are required to be on this form. In other words you can't remove the fields from the form by moving them to the left. There is a known defect in our system where if you change the investment type on this screen the * indicator that this is a required field goes away.
CMS-XML Problem: STRING or CHOICE FIELD was not updated when using the Tracker Update SCR form
The instructions in this document will fix the users database but it might cause more data loss than is neccessary. If the user wants to try to recover as much data as possible then please contact a senior tracker team member for help. The user updates a few string or choice fields and the change history shows the fields were updated, but they display on the style sheet with no value. If the user tries to change these fields again, they still display without a value.
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