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CMS-XML Error: "We're sorry, you cannot submit a new xxxxxxx Request from this popup window. Please use the Submit button on the application bar."
In this example the name of the Single Relational field is "MySingle" so you would have to change the code and the form action to match yours. The following is the javascript that will be placed into the "execute a JavaScript" action if ( GetFieldValue("MySingle") =="(None)" || GetFieldValue("MySingle") =="" )
CMS-XML Release Package fails to validate or deploy with error "A comparison expression has an unassigned value"
The Environment Type field is actually a sub-relational field which points to a single-select field called "Type" in the "Environments" process app. Before the Release Package process app will pass validation, you must open the Environments process app and check it in. This will put it in your Composer cache.
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
TS_FIELDID int 504 Id of the non-relational field to be displayed when TS_FLDTYYPE is equal to TS_FLDTYPE_SUBRELATIONAL. To determine the displayed value , data is indirectly acquired from two other records in TS_FIELDS: TS_RELATIONID points to a relational field in this field’s table that supplies the currently selected value , TS_FIELDID points to the field in that relational set ; e.g., auxiliary table whose value you want to display.
CMS-XML SBM Advanced XML Report: Every row says "(None)" and drill down shows the message "CField::Html encountered an unhandled field named MY_LINKED_ITEMS." (Multi-relational field)
If the report contains a multi-relational field, every row in the report may return "(None)" for the value. Also, when you click a row and open the drill down details for that item, the value will display as:
CMS-XML Deleting a contact from the SBM Administrator tool in the Contacts Auxiliary table you may get the following error in the UI and the contact doesn't get deleted. "An exception occurred while attempting to fetch a record count or a record integer value from the database"
There are two errors above. The field in question in the first one is called "TS_MYSINGLEREL" which is a Single Relational field . The second one is an actual field id "TS_FIELDID=153" which is a Multi Relational Field.
CMS-XML Application Engine Crashes
When using Oracle and you have a relational field in the summary report, it can cause a thread to crash the system. It will lock up IIS.
CMS-XML Timeout error when scheduled reports take over a minute to run - Error: Exception occured during invoking AE web service 'RunReportXML': Read timed out
Warning: Please be careful when increasing this value as scheduling long running reports will affect performance and should only be done with consideration. Instead, it would be wise to check if the reports can be made more efficient by minimising the number of records and fields (particularly relational fields ).

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