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CMS-XML The specified schema name either does not exist or you do not have permission to use it
After copying an SBM database to a new database and trying to deploy an application to it, the deploy log contains the following types of error: ERROR -- UNEXPECTED ERROR: Error creating table <TABLE NAME >, ERROR -- UNEXPECTED ERROR: Error creating table <TABLE NAME>,
CMS-XML DimCM: Upgrade: DBI4502373E [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]The specified schema name "SCHEMANAME" either does not exist or you do not have permission to use it
basedb seq ------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ CM_TYPICAL PCMS_SEQ
CMS-XML DimCM: Upgrade: ORA-28003: password verification for the specified password failed error during basedatabase upgrade
This error can happen if the basedatabase name is shorter than 8 characters, in this case Oracle is not allowing a short password, which by default would be same as the schema name . To fix this issue you will need to logon to SQLPlus as SYS (not SYSTEM) and temporarily disable password verifcation (it's recommended to open a separate command session for this procedure). First, verify which profile is used by the basedatabase user (query 1):
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: SQL-0436-1856(01A38B08) ORA-00957: duplicate column name
This is going to give you the duplicate (reserved) word Additionally, while connected to your base database e.g. sqlplus patrick/patrick you can validate this further as with the example specified below: SQL> desc global_attributes
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
TS_CALCALIAS1… TS_CALCALIAS7 varchar(32) 60003 User specified name for the calculated field column heading (listing and mass transition reports) TS_CALCULATION1… TS_CALCULATION7 varchar(128) 60003 Encoded calculation formula for calculated fields.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Receives "Error: The tablespace PCMS_TEMP does not exist or is the wrong type" during CRDB to create new basedb.
... to create new basedb using CRDB command ... ... PCMS_TEMP does not exist or is the ... Error: An error was encountered the basedb <new basedb name > ... First need to check that PCMS_TEMP is exist and online. ... Any objects (table, Index) that are stored in the current pcms_temp tablespace need to be moved to another tablespace so that the query above returns no rows. ... *Find the line temptab=PCMS_TEMP and specify (modify) the temptab=<other temp tablespace> rather than PCMS_TEMP.*
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Error: Failed to connect Dimensions. If using a Dimensions account, please check your pcmsdb symbol does not specify a password.
Oracle 8i db or service Service name ... While this is not essential, it is useful to check if there are any other unforseen problems. ... Changing this to a valid base database , e.g. intermediate/intermediate ... tnsping <serivce- name >
CMS-XML Agile Integration to SBM troubleshooting and research findings.
... and later you don't even have to ... ... in SBM it doesn't create an Agile ... ... If there is no item type selected ... IDM item then no item will create ... because that type isn't mapped in the ... ... system but why doesn't the SBM Title or Agile Name field update? ... of the Agile Name field. ... the code and can't be changed. ... in SBM the name of the Agile ... the SBM ticket name at the beginning ... ... configurable to it doesn't have the SBM ID in the name ? ... a hard coded naming convention built into ...
PDF Database Administrator’s Guide
... file> The name of the file ... the additional space specified . If you do not specify a full pathname ... If the file already exists and is not currently used by the RDBMS as a database datafile it will be overwritten. ...  For UNIX: in the $ORACLE_HOME/ dbs directory. ... The specified disk space must be available on the relevant disk and be within the space-quota of the DBA-account; new space can be allocated on any disk or directory to which the DBA has write access.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Create Request - PCM3200001E Project does not exist
One of the causes of this error is if project name contains a trailing slash. To test for this user will need to logn to SQLPlus on Dimensions server as basedb and run the following query:
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