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CMS-XML SBM: SQL Server using Windows authentication fails with "OpenEx failed with connect string"
OpenEx failed with connect string 'DSN= SBM ;UID=SerenaSBMAccount'.
CMS-XML How do I set up SourceBridge when IIS is using Windows Authentication (NTLM, NT Challenge Response)? / Why is SourceBridge showing error 401?
at the web-site level to create a new application, for example named 'ttsourcebridge'. Copy the physical path from the application 'tmtrack' (e.g. C:\Program Files\Serena\ SBM \Application Engine\bin). You can click Basic Settings
CMS-XML Don't see SBM login form or get prompted with a windows security login prompt. Access to SBM denied
Try resetting the authentication . For example, open Configurator and change from SSO authentication to use Cookies, click Apply, change it back to SSO, and Apply.
CMS-XML Version Manager Rich IDE (RIDE) integrations fail to connect to SBM with error "Could not authenticate (Invalid user)"
Example: Restart IIS, for example by executing "iisreset" from an Command Prompt window The second variant of the error, where someone was able to get a working RIDE workspace with SBM integration, would normally indicate that the option was selected at the time the RIDE workspace was setup, but that it has since inadvertently been disabled.
CMS-XML SBM: Failed to contact Authentication Service at SERVERNAME with reason: Invalid User ID or Password
This error can occur when trying to deploy or even trying to connect to a Application Repository Environment if the Certificates are not fully updated and not expired. On a windows 2008 distributed system you must follow the steps in KB S139077 and follow the section on a Distributed System even for environments. From the above mentioned KB: S139077
CMS-XML InitExtension - Error Opening Database while logging on the SBM User WorkSpace.
If you get the below error and all the settings seem to be correct and the internal web server also works then you may have accidentally ticked to use Windows Authentication for SQL Server. InitExtension Failed: The data source 'DSN=Mashup2009;UID=sa' could not be verified.
CMS-XML Does SBM work with Single Sign On SSO
can also mean log in once to the Windows workstation and never be presented with a log in prompt by Serena products. This method uses the concept of Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). Prior to SBM 10.1.2, this could only be done without
CMS-XML Get a "Connection Error. Check your network connection or contact your system administrator" when opening the SBM Application Administrator. ( Manage Resources, Resources or Work Center icons are greyed out )
Health and Diagnostics – HTTP Logging. Security – Basic Authentication , Windows Authentication , Digest Authentication . Performance – None.
CMS-XML HTTP 400 - Bad Request (Request Headers too long)
The Web Page cannot be found HTTP 400 - Internet Explorer This typically happens when SBM uses Windows Domain (NTCR) authentication . A browser development tool analysis of the HTTP Request under such circumstances shows that the 'Authorization' header for those users is much larger than for users who see no such errors.
CMS-XML Work Center gives error "Unable to load initial data", Repository gives error 500
If you are using Windows Authentication for database access, you will need to configure SBM Tomcat service with the logon account instead of using Local System. Upgrading SBM will re-set the Tomcat service to use Local System by default.
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