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CMS-XML 2009Rx / 12.x : z/os build => MDHTPL1602028E variable is not suitable for being saved
* not a character string This is consistent with the program (the rexx program called SERENA - assembled in memory so cannot just be located and sent) not having run. It's alost most likely that transferring the source template from windows to z/os library has go awry.
CMS-XML Dim10: Build: Capture reports - "Preservation of the target ignored - "
4. Run a second Build, however the EXE is not captured as only EXE Version 1 exists and no EXE Version 2. The following is returned in the capture stage of the Build "Preservation of the target ignored - <Relative path to the workarea path>"
CMS-XML HPS0023E when saving SSV versions allocated on dynamically dasd volumes
A customer has experienced SSV problems when new volumes are brought online where staging datasets are residing. HPS0012E HPSIDV Object is not defined: CMAN.GNEM.CMNSTAGE.?000008.SRC
CMS-XML Dim cm 12.x / 14.x : MDHTPL1601168E File /.../tmp/ cannot be written, error number 133
When doing an audit of a z/os deploy area or running a z/os build , getting this error : MDHTPL1601168E File /.../tmp/ cannot be written , error number 133
CMS-XML Changes in Release Control Provider Plugin page are not saved
Scroll through the list and look for the IIS section. You will click the link to "Remove Roles and Features". (The exact location of this depends on your operating system.)
CMS-XML RA3.3: Unable to save New Environment Notification information
Save the file app.jsp Open the Nolio UI again by using the link from the Automation Center (open the browser on port 8080 and select the Automation Center icon). Now you should be able to edit and save Event Notification details.
CMS-XML How to make a listing report show attachment icons instead of the attachment link.
Save the "Attachment_Icon_Report.js" file attached to this document so that it may be used by a custom report template. Save the file to the following location on the SBM App Engine server "...\SBM\Application Engine\bin\javascript\Attachment_Icon_Report.js" Create a custom report template file
MS-WORD Excel link not working with https protocol and IE
Resolution: Open the Internet Options (Tools / Internet Options) from Internet Explorer then go to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Security part. Check the box Do not save encrypted pages to disk.
CMS-XML Dim 12/14: z/Os Build returns: IGW01001T ABEND 213-00000030 IN MODULE ???????? AT OFFSET ????
This error occurs when are problems with multiple write access attempts on a PDS. To determine the problem PDS check the system log for the message IEC143I. To resolve the issue, convert the PDS to a PDS/E as this error occurs only when trying concurrent writes against a PDS. The Dimensions z/OS User's and Administrator's Guide recommends the use of PSDE datasets rather than PDS.
CMS-XML Excel link or Export to Excel not working with https protocol and IE - Error: could not open
The file is being used by another program. The workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook. And then two other ones.
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