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CMS-XML VM: Diff/Merge tool mgdiff for Linux/UNIX smears characters together when you scroll, making the text unreadable
You can set these for a Bourne-shell based shell using: LC_CTYPE=en_US.ISO8859-1; export LC_CTYPE On some systems, the value en_US.ISO8859-15
CMS-XML Error: UNIX Emulator, Error: "Cannot Open Display " - pvcsvmux won?t start
On WinNT - Open a DOS box: ipconfig IF BOURNE or KSHELL: export DISPLAY= IP Address here, plus :0.0
CMS-XML PCLI get command on UNIX client throws "could not read the information stored in the archive" error, but the desktop client GUI running on the same system has no problems getting this file
Bourne shell variants: PVCS_NOSUID=true; export PVCS_NOSUID pcli get ...
CMS-XML VM on UNIX/Linux cannot use SSH (Secure shell) when GUI is running in setuid mode
To temporarily disable setuid mode for a single user in just the GUI and PCLI, to confirm if setuid mode is related to the issue you are experiencing, set the environment variable PVCS_NOSUID and assign it the value true (eg. export PVCS_NOSUID=true
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Error when exporting Process Model ERROR: "ORA-00904: Invalid Column Name"
If you are not in the directory where the script exists, you will need to supply the full path to the filename: From unix : @$PCMS_ROOT/../oracle/rdbms/admin/catexp.sql
CMS-XML VM users on AIX get WARNING: Could not lock System prefs. Unix error code xxxxxxxxx every 30 seconds
LIBPATH=${PVCS_BINDIR}:$:$:/usr/lib export LIBPATH LIB=$
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: 'ORA-01118 Cannot add any more database files: limit of n> exceeded'
This problem occurs when the total number of database files referenced in the init<sid>.ora file is exceeded by an attempt to create an additional datafile to increase a tablespace such as PCMS_DATA. The first involves increasing the parameter is resolved by performing a full export , creating a new database and performing a full import ( Unix Instructions)
CMS-XML Version Manager - How to fix Out Of Memory and java.lang.OutOfMemoryError messages
UNIX Bourne Shell PVCS_MX=-Xmx512m; export PVCS_MX UNIX Korn Shell/Bash export PVCS_MX=-Xmx512m UNIX C-Shell setenv PVCS_MX -Xmx512m
PDF Database Administrator’s Guide
Operating System Command Line Interfaces UNIX  Commands such as exp and imp at the operating-system prompt.  svrmgrl at the operating-system prompt.
CMS-XML Problem: File in Use or Access Denied # of Retries, problem with NFS and locking.
permissions that everyone can write to. This directory must be exported and be mountable by ROOT and by the Unix machine.
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