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MS-WORD When the PCLI Move command is used to move a versioned file from one project to another
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- d:\Pvcs> set PCLI PCLI_ID=CHRISRO
CMS-XML PCLI get command on UNIX client throws "could not read the information stored in the archive" error, but the desktop client GUI running on the same system has no problems getting this file
This problem may be caused by having a Version Manager installation running in setuid (& setgid) mode, with end-users not being a member of the setgid group the VM executables are running with. When setuid mode is enabled, all users are expected to be a member of this group, and use a umask setting that allows group reading (the second to last digit that is returned by the command "umask" should be 0 or 2).
CMS-XML VM: PCLI GET 'Warning: archivename>: Could not check out the file because it does not contain the specified revision.'
------------------------------------------------------------------------- set PVCS_MX=-Xmx512m pcli Get -pr'<project database>' -ad:\MyWork -u -z /
CMS-XML VM 8.2 - GUI: Application List File problem: "pvcs/gui/applist.cfg" / PCLI: [Error] System Interfaces File problem: "pvcs/cmd/pcli.cfg"
An example of a malformed variable: set PVCSTZ=480 0 11/1/0 2:0:0 0 3/2/0 2:0:0 -60 The corrected variable:
CMS-XML VM: Problem: Space in filename fails to redirect using run -> in PCLI despite quotes OR Error: The requested command was not found <truncated_before_space_filename>
With the PCLI run command, ... With v6.7.10 of PCLI there is a defect associated with using the -> and ->> method of redirection with the PCLI run ... set -vPDB \'$1\' set -vPROJECT \'$2\' set -vTMPFILE 'temp file.txt' Echo Listing the versioned files . ... won't work , but this will . ... set -vPDB \'$1\' set -vPROJECT \'$2\' set -vTMPFILE 'temp file.txt' Echo Listing the versioned files .
CMS-XML Version Manager: PCLI errors when users forget to specify files or projects when using PCLI commands.
When a PCLI command operating on files or projects is not given a file or projec to work on, users will get one of the following errors depending on what command is being used: AddFiles: This command requires one or more files to add. AssignGroup: This command requires one or more projects or versioned items.
CMS-XML PCLI : Error: <file>: Could not find a revision named * in the archive, <archive file>.
You can use it to determine the revision info between two version labels. Normally that works fine. But if one of these version labels is based on a branch revision, the command fails ( e.g. Version1 is based on revision 3.5 and Version2 is based on revision
CMS-XML How to solve: Warning: file "Filename" was accessed from "EntityPath" in File Server-based Project Database "ProjectDatabasePath", but this path does not use a File Server.
Following an upgrade to VM 8.5.0 or newer, CLI and PCLI users may see the following type of warning message: Warning: file "Filename " was accessed from "EntityPath
CMS-XML PCLI: How to solve "You cannot access this project because your login account, UserName, is invalid."
or having the PCLI_ID environment variable defined, as that typically indicates the login source is set to HOST, forcing Version Manager to use name the user logged into the Operating System with. Notes:
CMS-XML Version Manager - How to fix Out Of Memory and java.lang.OutOfMemoryError messages
You can confirm the modified setting is working by looking for -Xmx in the output of the command: pcli -d Windows: ...
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