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CMS-XML 10.x / 2009Rx / 12.x : dmdba statistics compute => DBA2800067E Error: Operation not allowed. Ensure user 'INTERMEDIATE' has the DBA role or all of the required privleges
Connected to system @dim12 ( oracle ) SYSTEM> connect to intermediate/intermediate@dim12 Connected to intermediate@dim12 (oracle)
CMS-XML Dim CM: CREATE ANY PROCEDURE and DROP ANY PROCEDURE privileges required to run "upgrade all"
The System Administration Guide contains a section called " Oracle Privileges Required for DMDBA Commands" where you can find a list of privileges that need to be assigned to an Oracle user if you are not going to be using the SYSTEM account for DMDBA operations. Unfortunately even with this list of privileges assigned the "upgrade all /force" command fails with the following message:
CMS-XML Problem: User gets "ORA-00942: table or view does not exist" error logging in as Tracker
User logs in fine as System , Sys, or any other DBA user id. The problem is that Tracker needs permission to query the v_$session view.
Tracker's Who function requires that the V$SESSION be public on each Oracle database that Tracker runs on. In Oracle 7.0 and 7.1, you must specifically set V$SESSION as public. To do this, run the Oracle 7 script UTLMONTR.SQL against the database immediately after it has been created.
CMS-XML Dim10: When running Oracle full system export for backup as Scheduled Task, it returns ORA-12520: error
First, user needs to make sure server mode is set correctly in tnsnames.ora and listener.ora User needs to run ...lsnrctl services... through command window.
CMS-XML Dim14: User gets "ERROR ORA-02291: integrity constraint (.VRS_1_PA_F1) violated - parent key not found" when delivering into a stream
This error will happen if the database was not upgraded properly during the recent upgrade. To resolve this issue logging into DMDBA as the system user and run the following:
CMS-XML Dim12: Adding a user to a group gives error: ORA-24337: statement handle not prepared
We determined that the message file located in %DM_ROOT%\msg\pcms_api_sql_uk.msb was not properly updated during the upgrade. The solution was to copy this file from a working instance of Dimensions CM (same version of CM) to the affected system . After restarting the Serena Dimensions Listener process the problem was resolved.
CMS-XML User Error: INT APPROVED: The customer has both PVCS and Oracle Developer 2000 Version 1.1 (In particular Oracle Forms version 4.5) but the 'Check-In' and 'Check-Out' items do not work ( are grayed out). NOTE: This DOES NOT apply to Oracle Developer 2000 version 1.2, which has Oracle Forms 4.5.6
The Oracle Interface to PVCS requires one setting be added to the ORACLE.INI file and one configuration file to be created specifically for the use of the Oracle Interface.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: 11981-Invalid password for user 'user id>' 1019 DBIO:Oracle Error occurred ORA-01405 Fetched column value is null(OPS$logid account did not get created)
To create this account manually for repair purposes, do the following: sqlplus system /<password> Create user OPS$jhunt identified externally;
CMS-XML Problem: User gets "unable to access project database. You may not have database permissions, or the database is missing" error connecting to a Tracker project on Oracle.
Attached is a SQL script which will add the required permissions. Prior to running the script the following steps must be followed:
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