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CMS-XML How to capture detailed logs for the RM QC Sync engine integration – Dim RM 10.1.4, 2009 R1.01, 2009 R2
(NOTE: This file is case sensitive! BOLD and RED are only to make the changes easy to find)
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.4 : installation on Centos with a local postgres db fails with this message "Postgres Database creation have failed. Please see logfile: /tmp/dimensions_install/postgres_pre_install_script.log for details."
To fix it, before replaying a new installation, run the uninstaller to get /opt/microfocus/dimensions/14.4/cm/pg_data folder deleted and to restart from a clean situation In the case that the database was created during the first failing installation then do also this below to delete all the created objects : psql -h 'hostname' -U postgres
CMS-XML Logging into workcenter and there is no content other than the shell of the UI when using Oracle as the database.
If you use Oracle as your database and you login to workcenter and you don't see any applications or any SBM items at all take a look in the following log . C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\log\workCenter.log You may see errors like the following:
CMS-XML SDA: Shell plugin will not run if the default Java temp directory has execute permission restrictions
Shell plugin will not run if the default Java temp directory has execute permission restrictions When running a process with a shell step in Linux where the default java temp directory has execute permission restrictions the step will fail with a "Permission Denied" error in the Output Log Error:
CMS-XML When log into Mariner the initial page is not displayed correctly. How do you use the fresh start option to login?
When you log into Mariner, you may be taken to your home page, or you may go to the page that was open the last time you closed Mariner. In either case , if the initial screen is giving errors or not displaying correctly, your user settings may need to be reset.
CMS-XML Notification log, (Messages) Failed to logon to MAPI ( -2147221231 ).
In this case , changing the LogOn account from Local System Account to a Domain account for TeamTrack Broke Service solved the problem.
CMS-XML Get this error in Orchestration Workflow log from Agile to SBM integration "Unable to find selection operand value: XXX"
In the case above XXX may have been in the item map section like below. <ItemMap direction="Both"> <Source>PES-User-Story</Source>
CMS-XML In deploy log get "Cannot deploy BPEL definition for process model" 404.0 - Not Found
In this case check the Environment you are deploying to and particularly on the "Target Servers" tab. Verify the settings for both the BPEL Server and the Event Manager Server.
CMS-XML Dim12: Web Client: Users get Error to read children for node when logging into Web Client
Looks like this issue is caused by either Tomcat or browser caching. In one particular case user has renamed existing product to new name. However, sinice a project in old product was set as default project, when users were logging into Web Client, the old product name would still be visible at the bottom.
CMS-XML MCLG: Component: DataParsing.testNode: Exception caught in Tomcat log during Deploy
In this example the case sensitivity wasn't the same from the sql statement to the display in the dbquery component. This is most important when query an Oracle database as the case needs to match the case used in the database.
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